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Note: This information is provided by the guilds themselves and not verified, but it should provide an overview of guilds. It is meant to be useful for people looking for a guild and to document historical ones.

Name Tag Territory Language Focus Created on Requirements Website/URL
Active Guilds
Aria Gothica Aria International English UW/FoW/Dungeons 2019 Discord
Band Of Mental Brothers BoMB Europe English Dungeons 2008 https://discord.gg/RyWNRyp
Devoted Christians DC 2021
Drunken Fraternity Hiks German
Game Of Throws GoT France French
Illumination Theory IT Europe English DoA 2018 TeamSpeak https://discord.gg/ZbfsvVE
Mage Is SenT Europe English FoW 2012 Hard work
Terra Noise Zraw International English DoA/Deep/FoW 2010 Two hands
The Friend Zone TFZ 2021
Ur Trash Stick To db
We Got U BoO International English Fow/Uw/Dungeons 2020 https://discord.gg/ZSNgxEf8zj
山a尺一丹gains七 モvェム International English UW/FoW/DungeonSC 2019 Good Attitude https://discord.gg/YzjvqXJ
Slayers Of The Creed SOTC International English FoW/UW/DungeonSC 2019 Good vibes https://discord.gg/79YdFhmerQ
Inactive Guilds
Take Uw Lessons Kids
Resign Saves Time xx
We Are Little Wolf Wolf International English DoA/Dungeons/FoW/Uw 2015 Discord
Colours Of White WisH International MQSC 2009 FUN
Let The Good Times roll FoW
Foundry Of Failed Snakes Fail Europe English DoA 2017
Are We ReaL Europe English Dungeons/Fow/... 2018
We Love A Lot Of cake Europe German UW, Dungeons
Guardians Of Lost Tempel Golt Germany German DoA 2007 All mesmer positions in 6-0
Based God Stole My Zwag FBGM America English DoA 2012 DoA experience http://fbgmguild.com/
Embark Beach Crew eee Europe English UW 2017 https://discord.gg/XpgbnZn
Crusaders Of Ancient Prophecies CAP Europe/America English Dungeons, DoA http://www.gwcap.org
Dont Cry We HaxX UW, Dungeons, FoW
Harder Better Stronger hS UW, Dungeons, FoW
Dhuum Glitch beeS UW
Online Pirates oP Dungeons, Fow
Another Fow Guild oHNo Fow 2017
Junkies On A Mad trip
스w Snap Its 스lmost 420 T으K트 Europe English Deep 2015 Deeeeep
Direct Seed NoU Europe English DoA 2016 https://discord.gg/vW9vCR
Gods Of Voodoo Loa American/EU English DoA 2013 https://discord.gg/EhKEPg8
Uhoh I Forgot ConS International English Dungeons/FoW 2017 Common sense
Dhuum Stuckers DS UW
Waynetrain Zum Whateverest TuuT German DoA/Dungeons/FoW 2013
Why so Toxic ムOムシ English
Deutsche Panzer Rollen Wieder Fett German DoA
Club Of A Thousand Pandas LOD大 DoA 2010
Put Em In The Dirt fam DoA
Whooo areee youuu oKii
Scumbags Unite StfU
Oh Another Rage Quit
Beyond Any Doubt bAd
Jon Snow Pls Come Back Europe French DoA