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Why Speedclear Wiki?

The idea for a wiki was born thanks to the DoA guide by Loa. Many high-end speedclear players realized that the guide was being indeed read by new players and was surprisingly effective at teaching the basics. An effort was made to improve and expand it, but the single-document format soon became a problem as more and more cross-references were needed, and reading was becoming increasingly difficult.

FBGM offered to host the wiki itself, and so we created wiki.fbgmguild.com with Domain of Anguish content.

The obvious next step was to consider all speedclears rather than only DoA, and then we decided to include all speedclear-relevant resources: general equipmenents, game mechanics, speedclear guilds, community creations and websites.

Why not using Guild Wars Wiki?

The official wiki is a great resource, but its scope is much larger than this wiki, which prevents us from creating very specific pages. For example, we have pages such as City which point to the Domain of Anguish area rather than "outpost", and pages such as Assassin Equipment which are only relevant for speedclears.

Why not using PvXwiki?

PvXwiki is a great archive of builds, but its structure is rigid and its voting system makes change difficult. Specifically we saw the following issues:

  • Lack of cross-referencing: many tactics share the same specific parts, jobs and equipment which we can move on their own page to reduce duplication and increase the overall quality.
  • Cannot split pages: Having a DoA guide on PvX would mean having a single monolithic page full of content which becomes extremely hard to browse. In the Speedclear wiki, instead, we split pages depending on their scope.
  • Aging: Unfortunately PvX has become disconnected to the real Speedclear meta years ago, and its rigid rating system makes it hard for current meta builds to replace outdated ones.

Contributing to Speedclear Wiki

General Guidelines:

  • The content of the speedclear wiki should reflect the current speedclear meta. This includes builds, equipment, tactics, but even the names of tactics, roles and areas. Do not theorycraft builds and do not attempt to influence the speedclear meta in the main wiki space. You can use your own userspace (i.e. User:HasKha/test) to share your builds.
  • If you don't have a lot of direct experience with something please refrain from editing or creating related content. Feel free to use the talk pages to ask relevant questions or propose changes.
  • Content should not be duplicated in different pages, use links instead. If you find yourself duplicating content, think and discuss on how to restructure it.
  • Content should not be needlessly fragmented in separate pages. For example, avoid creating a page for each role of a teambuild, unless multiple teambuilds share the same role, or the role page is rich with content (guides, videos, tips, etc.).
  • Try to explain why as much as what to do/equip/etc.
  • Please avoid creating a page if it is just a copy of the official GW Wiki, just link it instead. Do create pages if there is meaningful speedclear-related information to add.
  • Images: we don't have unlimited storage, so unless an image is very related to speedclears and needs to be used in multiple pages, we prefer if you use external hosting (e.g. imgur) and link images with a {{ExternalImage|url here|600px}} template (the pixel size is optional). Use an external host for all images related to a guild or ally (cape, logo, etc).

Pages Guidelines

  • Tactics pages should follow this naming convention: "Partysize Name Area".
    • Party size can be omitted in 8man builds (or 12 for Urgoz and Deep).
    • Name can be omitted if there are no other builds for that area and team size.
  • Guild pages should contain the spirit and main activities of the guild. Do not describe tactics but feel free to link to the page of the tactics they use.
  • Pages for tactics (e.g. FBGM Tactics, Golt Tactics, French Tactics) should emphasize the differences rather than a list of splits, including pros and cons. Shared parts should be in their own page(s) and be linked.
  • Pages for mobs and NPCs should contain their build, how they behave and how they affect quests.
  • Pages for areas (e.g. Foundry, City, Veil, Gloom) should contain a simple walk-through of the quests and how players should behave in the area.

Technical stuff


A lot of content was copied from existing guides, thanks to the original authors.