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Who we are

We are an European speed clear guild founded by "Zoe La Deviche". Having fun and learning new things are the most important in our guild. We focus mainly on the elite area's (fow, uw and doa) but also play the occasional dungeon.

   Find us,
   Ask us,
   You'll know we're ReaL. 

Recruitment and Requirements

We welcome everyone that is friendly and eager to learn speed clears. No previous knowledge of speed clear tactics is required. We do however require you to use discord during runs where you are new and obtain the necessary gear. This allows us to teach more efficiently and keep it fun for everyone.

If you think we are the guild for you, pm us for an invite.

Officers and Leader

Guild leader:

  • Rebecca Rupulin


  • Nuallon Antre
  • Hombre Derviche
  • Hero Obsidian
  • Layn the mopper
  • hanah sin