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Player Skill Issue [low]

Continent Europe
Created October 2023
Language English/German
Leader Team Captain Infact
Allegiance Kurzick
Timezone GMT+1

The guild Player Skill Issue [low] was founded in October 2023 by Guild Wars veterans. Focusing on DoAsc and UWsc runs, [low] is an international SC guild with a high representation of german members. Player Skill Issue [low] is a part of [Aria] speedclear alliance with the [hdm],[Yeet],[Loco],[dior],[eC],[SenT], [qq] and [meh] guilds.


All experienced and semi-experienced UWsc and DoAsc players are welcome in [low]. It is encouraged that our players learn multiple roles in these speedclears so that runs can be formed with ease and versatility. Members of [low] are always willing to teach semi-experienced players to refresh their knowledge and improve their skills in these elite areas.



  • Team Captain Infact Illustration-german-flag 53876-27101.jpg


  • Team Captain Sera Illustration-german-flag 53876-27101.jpg
  • X Paulquappe X Illustration-german-flag 53876-27101.jpg
  • Blau ist Schlau Illustration-german-flag 53876-27101.jpg
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[low] is a very active guild, with currently 15+ daily active members. DoAsc/UWsc or other speedclears are formed daily via an event schedule in our discord server as well as sponteaneous runs are formed with our members via guild chat or discord. [low] strives to form runs with their own members and therefore the guildies first policy is applied when forming runs. If in some occasion runs cannot be filled with guild members, the alliance and/or friendlist of our members offers a good solution to keep the speedclear runs going.


Meta-tactics are followed for the speedclears. For DoAsc, [low] follows the 6-0 tactics and for UWsc the Terraway and/or Low Man tactics are followed.

DoAsc 6-0 UWsc Terraway UWsc Low Man


Being created as a 'friends' guild in the first place by veteran players that have known each other for years, [low] values relations and stimulates social interaction via discord while playing. Being a part of the community is half the fun of playing Guild Wars. The discord server offers a place where players can conversate, laugh and where teaching runs can be organized and streams of live runs can be watched. Feel free to drop by and have a taste of the [low] community to see if it is a good fit for you.

Join our discord here