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Foundation & Retirement

[Zraw] was formed as an international guild in August 2010 by several of the players from the UW and DoA record teams of the time. The guild developed a new DoA casual tactic (B- & Fulltrench) by merging ideas from the existing DoA tactics (German solo tank and [agro] dual tank build). Shaping those tactics and making them easier led for the first attempts for Sub-Con casual runs. [Zraw] was most famous for creating, teaching, and making this build popular, as well as holding many elite area records such as: DoA 8, 4, & 2man, FoW 8man, Deep 12, 8, 4, 2, & 1man, and Urgoz 12man. The guild was also infamous for exploiting a bug to allow 12 players into the Underworld and getting the record there, then trying to hide the fact that 12 players were used from the rest of the community, which lead to the creation of gwscr.

After a few month of records, drama, exploits- and bug-abuse, [Zraw] decided to retire with the release of Guild Wars 2 in 2012.


[Zraw] started to reform in the end of 2017. While Deep and DoA are the mainfocus of the guild now, we play all areas except UW.


Zraw is not actively recruiting but youre free to join if you met the requirements. You will get an invite and have the chance in a trial period as member in the guild to demonstrate yourself. In that phase your development process will be judged and not your skill-level.

We do not require high levels of experience, just willingness to learn and we strongly encourage good character development.


One of the characters below with skills and equipment in the area.


Mesmer (Equipment)

Monk (Build + Equipment)

Elementalist (Equipment)





Paragon (Equipment + Skills)


We use Teamspeak 3 for communication purposes. If you're new to a certain area it helps a lot to have this.


Xerox Teh Tank (Leader)

Dryst Mesmer

Geist Der Wahrheit


[BoO] Alliance