Resetting The Griff Ratio [尸巳七凡]

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About 尸巳七凡

Formerly known as SOTC (2019-2022), Resetting The Griff Ratio [尸巳七凡] is an international FoWSC oriented guild with some interest in UWSC and DungeonSC. We teach 8/8 for all tactics of FoWSC and have historically contributed a number of guides/resources to the community.

Contributions to the community

- T2way FowSC Guide

- T3way FoWSC Guide

- T4way FoWSC Guide (Rollway)

- FoW Teach Discord

- Guide To Griffins


Dayna Nightstalker

Rasta Goes Kinetic

Monk From Above

Like A Vaws

Wooosshh Super Emo


Discord Permalink:

Our discord is mostly locked down as a guild discord, if you’re in the guild without roles then you need to contact an admin to get roles.