Making High Quality Cookies [亡囗囗大]

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亡囗囗大 Cape


is an international guild mostly focused on variety dungeon speedclear with occasional Urgoz, Deep, FoW and UW activity.

Our guild is mainly focused on its inner activity, and also has its own active guild discord.


We are a speedclear guild, mainly looking for sc players that will involve themselves into the guild activity (even if once a week).


Lazy Leader

Comfortably Erect

Hot Officers 

Alessia Skywalker

Arrow Of Selvor

Banh Mi Arrows

I No One

Iil Ioopy

Karly O

Olav De Derv

Ranger Banned

Teh Luvs Melandru

Twisted Lilly

And many lovely members (and some bad boys like Verata)


(TAS) 8man Bogroot Growths (Khabuus) - 4:44 (WR)

(TAS) Solo Bogroot Growths (Tekks) - 8:01 (WR)

Guild Tactics