Gilded Kraken [丹尺爪己]

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Gilded Kraken [丹尺爪己]
Created 2023
Language English
Faction (Luxon).jpg
Focus DungeonSC/UWSC
Cape Trim Gold
Time Zone UTC-7
Tag [丹尺爪己]

Gilded Kraken [丹尺爪己]

Founded in 2023, [丹尺爪己] is an international guild named after a powerful century-old Kraken that lives on the Jade Sea.

We are primarily an UWSC focused guild, constantly researching new tactics and developing unique team builds to keep it interesting.


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Guild Leader
⚜️ Sub Cons Or Resign
Recruiting Officers
◉ Azure Spirit Walker
◉ Rage Stained
◉ Dude Nectar
◉ Slayer The Captive


Tactics developed to allow players to use speed tactics in a fail-proof uw run and maximize profit from sub-con runs.

◉ The four healers are commonly alternate accounts, giving each player 2 UW chests per run (Custom toolbox is required).
Mystic Healing is a map-wide heal, so alt accounts can safely stand at the lab reaper for the duration of the run.

UW Role Responsibility (Videos embedded)
🍃 R/A Main Tank ⚔️ Chamber 🔥 UwG & Escourt 🌌 Vale (Pop-ups) 🌪️ Wastes
🍃 R/A Ranger 1 (SoH) 🏃‍♂️ Run to Reaper 💥 Pop Pools 🕷️ Terrorweb 🗺️ 4h Pits side 🧟 Pits backside
🍃 R/A Ranger 2 (Winnowing) 🏃‍♂️ Run to Reaper 💥 Pop Mnts 😈 Demon assassin 🗺️ 4h Pools side 🧟 Pits Center
🗡️ N/D Spiker (Sac Scythe) ⚔️ Chamber 🌌 Vale
🔮 Mystic/Dhuums Rest Spammer ⚔️ Chamber ⏳Lab
🔮 Mystic/Dhuums Rest Spammer ⚔️ Chamber ⏳Lab
🔮 Mystic/Dhuums Rest Spammer ⚔️ Chamber ⏳Lab
🔮 Mystic/Dhuums Rest Spammer ⚔️ Chamber ⏳Lab


⚜️ Main Tank:

⚜️ Ranger 1:
Pools Skip
4h Pits side
Pits Backside

⚜️ Ranger 2:
Mountains & Quest
Pools Side 4h
Pits Center Tank

⚜️ Spiker:
Necro Spiker

⚜️ Leechers:
How mystic healing works


The Discord server serves as a central hub for staying informed about guild updates, coordinating events like Speed Clears, documenting record runs, and fostering interactions among members.

While we value open communication, voice chat is optional unless necessitated by performance considerations

Records & Goals

The [ARMS] guild bounty is a unique initiative funded by our officers to enhance the gaming experience, promote active participation, and foster team camaraderie inside the guild. It not only serves as a privilege of membership but also as an avenue to attract and retain individuals with aligned ambitions. While there has been some misunderstanding within the alliance, it's crucial to understand that these bounties are primarily for [ARMS]. They will, however, be made available to alliance members under specific conditions: when invited AND if the participating team comprises 50% or more [ARMS] guild members.

Team size ⏰ Personal Record 🎯 Company Goals 💰 Team Reward for Meeting Goal
🌌 Underworld 🌌
8 players 28 minutes 20 minutes 160 armbraces
🌫 Darkrime (No Glitch)🌫
4 players 8 minutes 6 minutes 80 armbraces
🌠 Shards of Orr 🌠
8 players 7 minutes 6 minutes 80 armbraces
🍀 Bogroot Growths 🍀
8 players 5 minutes 5 minutes 80 armbraces [Complete]
🔥 KathSc 🔥
8 players 6 minutes 5 minutes 80 armbraces

Guild Resources

🎥 Digital Resources 🎥
Resource Type Access
🎬 YouTube Channel Our Guild Channel 🡆 Subscribe!