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Who we are

Hiks is a german speaking sc-guild mainly focused on DoA using adapted Golt Tactics, although there is some UW as well. In both areas we are capable of successfully finishing low-men runs in decent time. Runs are formed daily in the evening hours (CET). We are aiming mainly for fun with decent times.

Alliance and Guildroster

We are currently part of the Zraw alliance. Our guild contains around 50 people and is led by 3 officers and 1 official leader.

Recruitment and Requirements

If you want to join our guild, see below for one of the officers/leaders nicknames. The only requirement is a Mesmer with Mesmer Equipment and the doa outpost unlocked. After joining, you will be given a 3 week trial to prove your will and ability to learn and participate in our guildruns. When the trial is over, all of the officers and leader will decide whether you passed the trial or not. Your personal development will always be more important than your level of skill.


For communication we use TeamSpeak 3 as well as Discord providing our members with the latest news.

Officers and Leader


  • Hiks Styles


  • Gloomy Shelter
  • Grabenpanzer Alex
  • I Eyra
  • Almighty Olfo
  • Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.