Illumination Theory [IT]

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About us

IT is a small Domain of Anguish guild geared towards fast casual runs. We form runs every weekday evening (20:30 Central European Time) and are always striving to improve our performance.


Our most commonly used tactics for casual runs are FBGM tactics and IT tactics. We are currently also developing tactics that utilize the gloom skip glitch for casual runs. Other commonly ran tactics are 7-man and 5-man.


Though our main focus is high quality casual runs, we also do DoA speedruns. Currently we are organizing entry-level speedruns on weekends.

IT holds the all-time records for 8 man DoA, both with and without slow-load, as well as for 7 man, 6 man and 5 man.


We aim to maintain a small roster so all our active members are able to attend our daily runs. If you are looking to join you should play with us a bit to show you are a good fit.

When our runs are not full, we are happy to invite players who are interested in playing DoA on a high level. The best course is to join the DoA teaching discord linked below and get comfortable with playing mesmer before you contact us about joining runs.
We expect you to be well acquainted with the game in general and TeamSpeak 3 is required.



You are welcome to join our Discord server. It has only limited functions at first but if we know you in game you can access the guest channels.

The DoA Teaching discord is a good place to start if you're interested in DoA.

The Speedclear community server is open to everyone.