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General Idea

The goal of T3Way is to provide a slightly faster way to complete Fissure of Woe compared to T2Way and get the end chest while being slightly less friendly for new players.

Roles and Guides

Please refer to each article for builds, equipment and guides.


  • T1: pull shadows to skeles at ramp, open forge, hunt, burning forest, tos, khobay
  • T2: pull shadows to skeles at ramp, camp, menzies, defend, beach wolf, cave, cave wolf
  • T3: pull shadows to skeles at ramp, sheps, forest wolf, griffs
  • MT: first ball, forge, defend south, speed mage, tos lord
  • Top VoS: first ball, top forge, defend north, clear griff spawns
  • Forest VoS: toc, bridge, griffs
  • VoS Spikers: first ball, forge, defend, clear griff spawns
  • UA: follow mt, take quests at forge, clear griff spawns