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Historically, the VoS was only responsible for killing the groups that were balled by the Main Tank. However, the role has expanded to include a variety of solo parts, which were once performed by terras. See below!


There are 2 bars that are typically used. The first bar is used for spiking, while the second bar should be used by any VoS whose role includes solos.

Dervish/Warrior VoS (Spiker)
Vow of Strength Sand Shards Ebon Escape Staggering Force Eremite's Attack Optional I Am Unstoppable Mystic Regeneration
Earth Prayers: 12+1+3, Mysticism: 10+1, Scythe: 8+1


  • Whirlwind Attack for cleaner forge spikes (recommended for t3/t4-way)
  • Mirage Cloak for survivability (recommended for t2-way to not get too much damage from foes in Lightning Forest)
Dervish/Assassin VoS (Solo)
Vow of Strength Sand Shards Death's Charge Staggering Force Eremite's Attack Ebon Battle Standard of Honor Mirage Cloak Mystic Regeneration
Earth Prayers: 12+1+3, Mysticism: 11+1, Scythe: 6+1
  • The solo VoS can run 12/10/8 instead of 12/11/6 to hit 9 Scythe Mastery if Candy Corn or Golden Egg are not used.

How do I derv? Some general notes

  • Use Pcons! At least Cupcake for running, Pumpkin Pie for attack speed and Candy Corn for +1 attributes. If you can you should also use Apple, Egg and War Supply.
  • Have a staff! Should only switch to scythe when you're actually fighting. See the equipment section.
  • Pre-cast your enchantments up to 20 seconds before spiking, especially Sand Shards and Mystic Regeneration. This gives you time to both regen on energy and to have Sand Shards ready to re-cast after your Eremite's, for leftover targets. Whenever you do solo parts such as described below, maintain Shards, Regen and Mirage. When tanking Abyssals, re-cast Mirage a few seconds before it runs out. This way you avoid getting knocked down right when Mirage ends, which pretty sure means you're dead.
  • After jumping/running into a tanked ball, find a good position for your spike. Try to stand where your swing hits as many targets as possible in order to deal your full Shards + VoS damage. It's way more effective to take a few seconds to reposition for a clean(!) spike than to just use Eremite's wherever your jump brings you to and then notice nothing really dies. Except for you, after a short while...
  • If YOU are supposed to cast Honor for the spike (e.g. with a ranger tank in forge or while doing duo griffs): Jump (wielding staff), cast Honor, reposition, switch to scythe, spike.
  • If you're not yet fast at switching weapons, doing it on scythe works too but you will instantly get bad hexes such as Empathy or SS. Practicing fast weapon switches (e.g. by sidestepping) even between attacks is strongly recommended.
  • Use your brain! Watch what's happening and what your teammates are doing. E.g. it makes no sense to have 3 dervs spike the same ball.
  • Examples: 1) Defend quest in forge, make sure both sides are covered. 2) Last shadows group during A Gift of Griffons, one derv can split and do ToC-wolf.
  • Don't strip your Sand Shards, VoS or Mirage. ¯\(ツ)/¯ Use Eremite's only after Staggering.
  • When in aggro of Shadow Warriors, don't use Mirage. Griffon's Sweep will get you knocked down and fail your spike or get you killed.
  • Beasts will use Dark Pact once your hp drops below 80%. So you'd better not start tanking top or one side during Defend quest unless you're at >80%.

Solo Parts

video example


Toc really should be no problem at all. Use Mirage, ball stuff and spike. Use Regen once it hurts too much. If you want to be fast, target the Abyssal that belongs to the first two Rangers, run around the tower until these Rangers ball, spike them while still targetting the same Abyssal so it won't run away. Rastigan will start running once that first group of 2 Rangers + 1 Abyssal has been killed so while he's running you have time to ball and spike the remaining groups.

For the quest: Precast Honor and VoS when Rastigan tells to open the gate, tank the Abyssals until Vogris uses SS on Rastigan, then start attacking so all three die together.


Even easier. Pull the Shadow Monk into the Rangers, Jump, cast Honor and wait for the beast to come, spike, done.


Pretty much shows how to. Try to pull down both Menzies and the Shadow monk at the same side, that way balling will be much easier.

Forge Casters

When a tank has already cleared or pulled away the Abyssals and Shadow Beasts, the remaining groups of 2 Monks and 2 Mesmers are easy to solo. Use Staggering as your first cover so it's ready again when you spike, Mirage as second cover, run in, Honor, wait for 2 Shatters, recast Staggering and spike. Recast Sand Shards to finish them if needed .



Once you arrive there Khobay is pretty easy. Just have 1 Cover Enchantment up for Khobay's Shatter, ball him with the 2 Warriors, spike. As with Shadow Warriors, do not use Mirage here.

Griff Spawns

Successfully clearing the Griff Spawns simply depends on how you cover your enchantmens. If you're new to this, prepop the beasts by running through and breaking them. Wait for them to settle back and check if there's 0, 1 or 2 Mesmers in the ball.

When it's 0 or 1, use your enchantments in the order you always do - Shards, Regen, VoS, Staggering. Wait a second to have Staggering recharged once you've jumped in, jump, cast Honor, reposition and spike. Captain here: If you get shattered, recast Staggering before spiking.

When there are 2, use Mirage as a second cover, jump in, have Mirage shattered before you use Honor (to prevent getting KD from Griffon's Sweep) and then continue as explained above.

Once you're able to consistently do this you may also try spiking the groups without popping the beasts first. Again, cover depending on 0/1/2 Mesmers, run in to pop the beasts, use death's charge (onto a caster) as you drop below 80% to prevent Beasts from using Dark Pact instead of balling, spike.


  • Basic Dervish Equipment
  • Longbow of Enchanting
  • High HP armor set with 5x Forsaken Insignias
  • Wand of Quickening with 10% HCT
  • Shield of Valor with +10 vs Slashing inscription