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This role is typically named for the ranger that completes Burning Forest and Tower of Strength. Depending on the tactics, the T1 may also be responsible for killing Shadow Mesmer and taking the quest The Hunt.


Ranger/Assassin T1
Shroud of Distress Shadow Form Dwarven Stability Whirling Defense Optional Optional Death's Charge Heart of Shadow
Expertise: 12+1+3, Shadow: 12, Marksmanship: 3


  • Shadow of Haste for taking the quest The Hunt in T2Way/T3Way.
  • Dash for general mobility
  • Dark Prison for faster ToS and general mobility
  • Honor for extra damage on ToS Lord and Khobay, and to help VoS spike in some tactics.
  • "Finish Him!" for single targets (ToS Lord, wolves, Khobay, leftovers)
  • "I Am Unstoppable!" or Dark Escape for some added surviveability (recommended for beginners)



Video Example

The Hunt

In T2/T3way, the T1 runs clockwise around FoW to take The Hunt, passing through ToC, Battlefield, Burning Forest, ToS, and the area outside Cave to get to Nimros the Hunter as quickly as possible before running back to Burning Forest. In T4way, the T4 takes The Hunt, and the T1 either balls the first group to be spiked or holds it for Rastigan to run past. Whoever takes The Hunt is also supposed to take Slaves of Menzies from Miko the Unchained.

Burning Forest

Most tactics have the T1 do Burning Forest next, although in 8er roll-way, ToS is first. Regardless, kill the 5 Shadow Overlords to complete Slaves of Menzies, and kill the Shard Wolf.


ToS is done after Burning Forest in most tactics, but in 8er roll-way it's the other way round. The quest doesn't begin until after Forge is completed, so depending on your own speed and that of the main team, you may be waiting for the enemies to spawn. Right wall block and kill the 5 Shadow Patrols, and then the 10 Shadow Rangers together with the Shard Wolf (which has the same range as the Rangers, and will hence ball up with them). If the enemies don't die quickly enough (about 40 seconds after the quest is taken), it's good manners to tell the team about the delay so they can make sure the Mage Is [SenT].


Unless the V1 is doing it, the last part of the T1's job is to kill Lord Khobay. Pull a group of Obsidian Furnace Drakes (make sure they aren't obstructed) for more whirling fuel to overwhelm the healer in Khobay's group, but avoid pulling the Smoke Walker too close, or it will help heal Khobay, slowing you down.