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This role is typically named for the ranger that completes Lightning Forest and escorts the Griffons to Tower of Courage.


Ranger/Assassin T3
Shroud of Distress Shadow Form Dwarven Stability Whirling Defense I Am Unstoppable Optional Death's Charge Heart of Shadow
Expertise: 12+1+3, Shadow: 12, Marksmanship: 3

Optional 1:

  • Recall for nice and easy runs
  • Dash for general mobility and speed




Lightning Forest Wolf

  • Death's Charge up, walk up to the wolf and whirl it


Video including Ranger solo bridge

The T3 puts Recall on the V3 before he takes the quest, once the quest is taken recall out and set recall on a griffon to be recalled out to the griffons.

2 groups will have to be spiked to get passed to get to ToC.