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This role is primarily for teams that do not want to waste scrolls and need a dedicated person to ping for griffs.


Monk UA
Optional Optional Optional Optional Heal Party Mending Touch Great Dwarf Weapon Unyielding Aura
Healing: 12+1+3, Divine: 12+1, Prot: 3


  • One self-heal skill: Patient Spirit is usually best, but Healing Touch heals immediately and it's not susceptible to enchantment removal.
  • One skill to heal VoSs: Dwayna's Kiss for OP healing, or Cure Hex to remove Empathy or Spiteful Spirit.

2 more optional skills:

  • Glyph of Lesser Energy allows you to spam Heal Party; useful if your team needs that support.
  • Ebon Escape provides mobility and an additional heal.
  • "Fall Back!" provides a speed boost for Rasti and the griffons. Take points out of Divine Favor and put them into Command.
  • Technobabble for help at forge for tanks who can't ball or dervs who can't spike. Consider using a Silencing weapon with this.
  • "You Move Like a Dwarf!" for a knockdown and some damage, helpful for kiting cleanup if you like to run into melee range.


Follow the team around, don't grab aggro by casting on a tank or a tanking Derv, UA people if they die, ping for griffs.