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This role is typically named for the player that completes Camp and Shadow Monk in Battlefield. Depending on the tactics, the T2 may also be responsible for completing Cave and killing the ToS Lord.


Assassin/Elementalist T2
Shroud of Distress Shadow Form I Am Unstoppable Technobabble Ebon Battle Standard of Honor Sliver Armor Death's Charge Optional
Shadow Arts: 12+1+3, Earth Magic: 12, Dagger: 3


  • Heart of Shadow for healing and in case you get rupted in cave in T2Way/T3Way
  • Viper's Defense for degen and speed



How to video

  • Don't "spam" your skills to prevent rupts.

ToS Lord

  • Pop a (Legio or similar melee such as Oni/Raptor/...)Stone or
  • Use Shadow Mesmers outside to sliver down the lord or
  • Pull the lord out and sliver using the shadow rangers and monks. Make sure the monks are not in range of the lord or else they will heal him.