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Rangers in speedclears typically take the role of a tank or terra using Shadow Form and Whirling Defense. The only exception is SoOSC where rangers are the main spikers as R/D. Luckily, R/Ds can perform the job successfully with the tank armor, and only a specific bow is required. Rangers also are used to solo all Elite Areas, aside from The Deep.


Standard Armor

  • 5x Blessed Insigna
  • +1+3 Expertise Headpiece
  • Superior Vigor
  • 3x Rune of Attunement (Terra Roles) or 3x Rune of Vitae (DoA Tank)

Armor vs Type

Ranger has access to the profession specific Insignas which provide +15 armor against each type of elemental damage. Although they only provide 5 more armor than Blessed, they can be worth buying if you decide to focus in some specific roles. Those armor will have the same runes as the standard one, and all Insignas replaced:

  • Stormbound armor (+15 vs Lightning) for T3 (FoW)
  • Earthbound armor (+15 vs Earth) for tanking Titans in DoA

Dhuum Armor

Dhuum's Judgment is Fire damage and rangers have very high base elemental armor, so in order to maximize PI damage rangers need to have a less than max armor for Dhuum. More specifically, it must be a 61-AL armor with Marksmanship headpiece (+1+3) and any 4 superior runes to have low health so you can die during the first Judgment and be back as a ghost quickly. Use Stalwart Insignias for defence against skeletons. Once you are a ghost, your health is fixed at 500, so having superior runes is no longer a risk.

Headpieces/Other Armor

Rangers should have the following headpieces, all with a Blessed Insigna:

  • +1+3 Expertise as your standard headpiece
  • +1 Expertise with a Blessed Rune and a Rune of Vitae as your high-hp headpiece. Whirling Defense is the only Expertise skill and has a long duration, so swapping to high hp headpiece has no drawback and can be life-saver.
  • +1+3 Wilderness Survival headpiece for casting spirits such as Winnowing typically used by UW Terras (T1, [[T2 (UW)|T2).
  • +1+3 Beast Mastery headpiece in case you need to bring Edge of Extinction.
  • +1+3 Marksmanship headpiece to meet the requisite of your Bow. Can double as your Dhuum set headpiece.
  • +3 Marksmanship armor piece to meet the requisite of your bow and still be able to use Whirling.


  • Sword/Axe/Spear of Enchanting with either +5e, 10% HCT or 10% HSR. Since the AI Update preference of Sword/Axe over spear has no impact on enemy AI.
  • Staff of Enchanting as your high energy set. For general purposes an Insightful Staff of Enchanting with +5e^ench. If you are using HoS/DC constantly for running then you may want a Swift Staff of Enchanting with 10% HCT inscription.
  • Zealous Daggers of Enchanting with a +5e inscription for energy
  • Zealous Scythe of Enchanting with a +5e inscription for energy
  • Customized Vampiric Flatbow of Enchanting with a +15% w/ench inscription. Used for pulling and damage whenever you don't have Honor on your build.
  • Customized Vampiric q5/6 Daggers of Enchanting with a +15% w/ench inscription. Used for damage whenever you have Honor on your build. Required on T3 (UW).
  • Customized Vampiric q0 Scythe of Enchanting with a +15% w/ench inscription. Used for AoE damage, preferably with Honor. Required on T3 (UW)
  • Customized Zealous Flatbow of Deathbane (+20% vs undead) with +15% w/ench. Used as your SoOSC bow and can double as (sub-optimal) Dhuum bow.
  • Dhuum bow: Customized Zealous Short/Flatbow with "Don't Think Twice". q7 if you don't want to use pcons, otherwise q9.


Shields of devotion with the following inscriptions:

  • +10 vs Demons (such as Aegis of Aaaaarrrrrrggghhh) for DoA tanking
  • +10 vs Fire against twebs in UW (T1 Quest, T2 Pools) and Burning forest in FoW (T1)
  • +10 vs Cold for popping reaper as T1
  • +10 vs Lightning for lightning forest (FoW T3)
  • +10 vs Slashing for UW Lab (T2 duo pull, T1 wastepull), tanking shadows and skeletons in FoW (MT and T3)
  • +10 vs Blunt for tanking Abyssals in FoW (MT, T1), tanking Aatxes in UW
  • +10 vs Piercing for Smites in UW (T1), Cave in FoW
  • +10 vs Earth for killing Titans in DoA
Area Domain of Anguish Fissure of Woe The Underworld
Role MT Trench Tank MT T1 T3 T1 T2 T3
demon shield
blunt shield
slashing shield
piercing shield
earth shield
fire shield
lightning shield
cold shield


The Standard pcons are

  • Birthday Cupcake (Terra Roles/Spiking) (Optional in DoA as Tank)
  • Candy Apples (Energy/Health)
  • Candy Corn (SF/Whirling)
  • Golden Eggs (SF/Whirling)
  • Pumpkin Pie (Auto Attacks)
  • War Supplies (Armor/Regen)

In areas where you will be weakened and have Shadow Form, Lunar Fortunes will be necessary. Lunars also allow you to maintain a permanent Whirl.

Pcons such as Drake Kabob, Skalefin Soup, and Pahnai Salad, are generally used for Solos and Record attempts.

Rainbow rocks are also held in reserve for Solos/Records, but some people will pop Rainbows as T2 in UW depending on the team.

Summoning Stones

  • Ghastly stones for damage, required on T3 (UW)
  • Throwaway stones for breaking aggro


  • Deldrimor Title is extremely important to maintain Whirling Defense
  • Norn for IaU on T3 (FoW), DoA tank and more
  • Ebon Vanguard for Honor, for example on Main Tank (FoW) and T3 (UW), and EE in Shards of Orr
  • Asuran for Radiation field on T2 (UW)
  • Kurzick/Luxon for Triple Shot in SoOSC
Area Domain of Anguish Fissure of Woe The Underworld Shards of Orr
Role MT Trench Tank MT T1 T3 T1 T2 T3 R/D Glass Arrows
Deldrimor Dwarven Stability Dwarven Stability Dwarven Stability Dwarven Stability Dwarven Stability Dwarven Stability Dwarven Stability
Ebon Ebon Battle Standard of Honor Ebon Battle Standard of Honor Ebon Battle Standard of Honor Ebon Escape
Asuran Radiation Field
Norn "I Am Unstoppable!" "I Am Unstoppable!" / "Finish Him!" "I Am Unstoppable!" Feel No Pain / "Finish Him!" "I Am the Strongest!"
Kurzick/Luxon Triple shot