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T1 is a role in UWSC (UW Terraway). It is generally done by a R/A, although it was historically done by an E/Me, which can still do part of the T1's job.


The T1's job is to clear and do the quest of the Ice Wastes in the Underworld. This can be completed faster than the other splits, so there is less time pressure on the T1, but failing the quest will cause a wipe, so inexperience T1s often decide to not solo the quest.


Shadow Form Shroud of Distress Optional Death's Charge Optional Dwarven Stability Whirling Defense Optional


  • Feel No Pain for survivability, or Heart of Shadow to get out of stucks


  • Winnowing and "Finish Him!"


  • Heart of Shadow, Shadow of Haste and Shadow Walk


Ranger Equipment


  • Caster weapon (+5 energy, 20% enchant)
  • Caster staff
  • Vampiric Wintergreen or q9 bow (+15% damage w/ench, vampiric, +20% enchant). If you use q9 bow you need to swap your headpiece to meet the requirement.


  • +10 vs blunt or (-2 while enchanted) for waste pull
  • +10 vs piercing
  • +10 vs cold for killing coldfires at reaper pop
  • (optional) +10 vs fire



A more recent and updated guide by Light:

Waste Map


The run


When you enter in Underworld, pop all your pcons (+10% morale boost aswell because you'll never need a powerstone) and cast shroud and stability only when the LT and the T2 are near the first ball spot. Run to the door and cast SF when it's open (cast it before if you see a nightmare poping). Do the wastes pull (usually, I cast DC only under QZ). When you're in wastes, use DC on the first smites group (you can HoS too) then take aggro of the first coldfire patroll (if you can't take them it doesn't really matter) and go to the spot to bow the 2 coldfires patroll:


Now, run to the king spawn location then sidewalk to the spot to kill all smites (Cast winnowing when they got 50% of their life for faster spike):


Now run to the center (where dryders spawn during quest) and kill the skeleton. Once the skeleton is dead, sidewalk to the monument to make sure no coldfires will glitch and smites will follow you. Kill smites (don't cast winnowing here) and one dryder if the buggy one didn't come on you during smites spike (having the buggy dryder on you during the spike will make it faster because he casts lava font which trigger reversal fortune):


Then ball all dryders in the coldfire ball, cast winnowing (switch to Wilderness Survival headpiece) and DC in the ball. Switch to your cold set when your life is under 50% only. When your ball is dead, watch if there is a coldfire near king spawn location (even if there is a coldfire you can do the quest but you just need to take it when the coldfire run away from the spawn). If you're winnowing got killed by anything or if it will die soon, just recast it (using wilderness survival headpiece is useless at this moment).

The Quest

Here are the 3 first spawn:


Equip your bow and take the quest, bow a dryder and cast all your enchantments:


Then DC down in a dryder. When u have dc'ed, don't run, you can sidewalk a bit but if you run dryders will spamm lavafont. When the Skeleton pop, kill him (attack with your bow, switch to your markmanship headpiece if you don't have a wintergreen one and make sure you bow all dryders who're not in your aggro buble), then select any dryder to HoS on it and go kill the second skele. Usually, the 3rd skele will pop before the 2nd skele is dead and there is a dryder a bit away from the skele that you should bow (especially if you want to do 6min). When the 2nd skele is dead, I use to stay at the center and dodge all skele attacks. When the last dryder group is here, I run a bit and DC in the skele to kill it. Now make sure all dryders are attacking you and do the path (no need explanations for it).


  • If the first skele did some crazy bullshit (like run away from you) just pop a stone.
  • If there is a coldfire who's coming after you killed the « Popping ball » it's probably because you did something wrong.
  • If you have a survivor coldfire during the « poping ball » just drop your shadow form and pull it to the reaper (use dagger or your bow) he will use all his energy in you so the reaper will kill it. If your suicid is slow or if you're fast then just pop a stone.
  • If there is a glitched coldfire near the « poping ball » you should kill it.
  • If you've let pass too many dryders on king spawn, don't do the path, just assist the king.
  • During all the pop you should run with a staff, rangers block more if they're under 50% health so they deal more damages, use a shield only if you have too many smites or if you're about to die.
  • For the path, you can kill smites and coldfire at the same time because of the number or dryders.

It is important to remember that the breaking point for coldfires is directly related to the aggro point