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T3 is a role in UWSC (UW Terraway). It is generally done by a R/A, although it is mostly possible to do the job as an A/E.


The T3's job comes in two parts:

  • First, kill the necessary enemies and glitch the skeles in the quest area of the Bone Pits, before taking the Tortured Souls quest, and tanking and killing the enemies in the "back side" area.
  • Second, glitch the mindblades spawned at the monument of the Chaos Planes, before taking The Four Horsemen quest, and tanking and killing Thul Za Dhuum and Madruk Dhuum on the "pools side". In "full glitch" tactics, the T3 also glitches the patrol that passes by the monument. Glitching just the mindblades is known as "semi glitch". In "gakiway", neither the patrol nor the mindblades are glitched. Glitching both the patrol and Mindblade Spectres is known as a "full glitch".

Because the T3's entire job is done together with the T4, they are together known as "duos".

At Dhuum, the T3 dies and returns as a ghost to fill Dhuum's Rest and kill Dhuum.


Ranger/Assassin T3
Shadow Form Shroud of Distress Ebon Battle Standard of Honor Heart of Shadow Death's Charge Dwarven Stability Whirling Defense Shadow of Haste
Shadow:12, Expertise:12+1+3, Dag:2, Marks:2


Ranger Equipment


  • Longbow
  • Vampiric q5 or q6 daggers (+15 w/ench, vampiritc, +20% enchant)
  • Vampiric Scythe (10% HCT, 20%ench, q0 is best)
  • Caster Staff (+5 energy, +5 energy w/ench, +20% enchant)
  • Martial Weapon + Shield (+5energy +20%ench on weapon, +45hp w/ench, -2w/ench on shield)


  • Candy corn, Candy apple, Cupcake, Golden egg, Ghastly stones (for backside), Powerstone (in case rupted at semi glitch)
  • (Optional) War supplies (really suggest these for new people on this area)
  • Slice of pumpkin pie (max attack speed very usefull on 4H and killing collector at pits)
  • Lunars in case you're afraid of 4H
  • Rainbows when going for speed and u happen to get crippled on mnts


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For a more recent and updated guide please watch:

The Run

I will not write that many things on the beginning of the run, all you need is to HoS at spots to make the run faster :



Now the pumpkin pie slice is very usefull, it allows u to kill collector alot faster which then makes ur skele glitching alot easier.when starting to glitch skeles its good to have fresh sf before u agro them but sometimes u can't avoid it running out while just agroed them. best way to cast sf is to start running forward just 1-2 seconds before sf ends--> skeles break agro and when u cast sf they get back to ur agro again and then just keep glitching like normally. or if ur already close to spot where u hos down Dont start casting sf since with 4 skeles ur dead in seconds. I think the best spot to use soh is here


Since it allows you to Whirling out from below bridge in many different spots, but always try to run below the bridge again because sometimes when u use ww to cancel soh u just hit the wall below bridge and get stuck there with 3-4 skeles. and when glitching all 4 skeles you need to pull the patrol one below the bridge or it will now glitch. then just run back to center wait for T4 to almost be done with popping, leave soh at center (near the « wall » for the T4) and go take quest.

If u happen to have top agro just kill it or if going for time, let t4 pull top agro away from their spot and he will kill them.


Usually the T4 will wait you to break SoH, in that way he will just EE on you so you'll start the quest a bit faster. Run to backside and if you see a skele just pop a Gstone, equip your daggers, put honor and kill everything from the quest.

Just in case you're weak, there is the 2 safe spots:


When you're done with backside, usually you'll got a fresh whirling, just put SoH near center, run sideway to the top and break it. Then kill the first soul. (If you had to put a second whirling don't do the SoH pull) Then come help your T4 at center (give him honor) then go to plains (HoS off skeles) or just DC down then HoS at this spot:



Just put SoH at pitside and run through dryders and rider to pop mindblades then break SoH. After that, help the T4 to kill the skele then go in the spot for the semi glitch.

How to Semi Glitch

The spot is exactly here:


Credits for the guide to Charlo, Pallo, Kaspar