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Shadow Form Death's Charge Heart of Shadow I Am Unstoppable Dash Shadow of Haste Recall Shroud of Distress
Shadow Form Death's Charge Heart of Shadow I Am Unstoppable Dark Escape You Move Like a Dwarf Recall Shroud of Distress
Visions of Regret Unnatural Signet Overload Shatter Delusions Mistrust Edge of Extinction Air of Superiority Ebon Escape
Arcane Echo Energy Surge Unnatural Signet Arcane Mimicry Mistrust Pain Inverter Finish Him Recall
Arcane Echo Energy Surge Unnatural Signet You Move Like a Dwarf Mistrust Pain Inverter I Am Unstoppable Heart of Shadow
Arcane Echo Energy Surge Unnatural Signet Wastrel's Demise Mistrust Empathy Backfire Ebon Escape
Arcane Echo Energy Surge Unnatural Signet Spiritual Pain Mistrust You Move Like a Dwarf Healing Seed Ebon Escape
Spirit Bond Burning Speed Infuse Health Ether Renewal Ebon Escape Balthazar's Spirit Life Bond Protective Bond

These DoA tactics are designed to run 5 mesmers in a casual environment, omitting the monk seeder for more spiking power. It is not recommended for inexperienced players, particularly on MT and emo.

Tactics specific to 5 Mesmer Tactics

  • Trench Tank balls the Dryder group in 4'th room, and the team pushes to the far corner while killing it.
  • VoR takes both 1st and 2nd snakes.
  • Memo pings for Snakes, but Emo takes the reward.
  • Emo takes the quest reward in city, after being recalled by the MT.
  • On 360, Emo walls waves 1, 2 and 5; TT walls wave 3 and 4; IAU walls wave 6.
  • Memo helps with offdamage at 360.
  • IAU splits off with the MT after clover to help pull necro lord.
  • Memo can kill the MLK tendril, if the MLK is busy.
  • IAU goes to cap rift; Memo or MLK (whichever didn't pop tengus) provides the target for Recall trick.
  • Mesmers should kill the last two spawns of the cave quest in order to speed up the ball.






  • The teambuild is capable of a very fast casual run. The extra spiker makes it easier for experienced teams to achieve fast times.
  • Everyone has a Shadow step, which makes transitions faster and easier.


  • The builds require experienced players on almost every role.
  • No UA or Seed of Life means players are punished harder for mistakes.
  • The MT needs to be able to do Jadoth and Ranger without Seed of Life.
  • Emo is under a lot more pressure without enchantment support from the monk.
  • Edge of Extinction on VoR means they will be late for some spikes.


Assassin/Warrior TT Assassin/Warrior MT Mesmer/ Ranger VoR Mesmer/Assassin TK Mesmer/Assassin IAU Mesmer/Ritualist MLK Mesmer/Monk Memo Elementalist/Monk Emo
Equipment Optional: Infiltrator's set for Gloom Cave Low HP armor for Jadoth Bow for ele lord Bow for derv lord Martial weapon of Enchanting for Seed
Entry Take quest Take quest Take quest Take quest Take quest
1st room No SF, Ymlad the Vu Ymlad the Rund
2nd room Ymlad Healing Seed Any mesmer can pop a ghastly or a 3-pop Bond MT with prot and life
3rd room Ball Titans Ball Dryders If you have a summon up try to kill it on the 2nd titan spawn
4th room Tank/ball all waves after the first Ball first wave. Wall second wave, third wave if needed Put EoE in the crack for the second spawn Wait for first ball and spike while pushing
5th room Take quest, get ready to take 3rd snake Go to aggro center Take quest Go right - do NOT take quest Take quest
Snakes Take Captain (3rd) Pull groups out of the way Take Silzesh (1st) and General (2nd) Rush ahead, get EEd Ping for Captain Ping for snakes and seed the Emo Keep snakes alive
Black Beast Pull Fury Pull Black Beast, Ymlad its touch Seed the Emo Heal IAU, take quest reward
Outside First ball Second ball VoR and Unnatural on Manks Unnatural and ESurge on Manks PI on Sus. Unnatural and ESurge on Manks Backfire and Unnatural on Sus. Help with Sus as needed.
Inside Left ball Right ball Spike right side, and then left Stand at the bottom, in range of both tanks. Take the quest reward
Jadoth Use cupcake , run to 360, pull first wave to glitch spot for MLK Use low health set and ball Jadoth Skip Jadoth, take 360 quest, go to glitch spot, and kill first wave with Wastrel's
360 Pull left hill wall; waves 3 and 4 Pull middle and right hills Offdamage on Fiends Offdamage on C-targets, wall last wave Offdamage on C-targets, wastrel's mobs before they come in Seed the wall when needed. Offdamage on Fiends. Fusepulls and wall waves without Fiends
Underlords Recall MLK; pull Derv Recall Emo; pull Ranger; Recall Emo again; take quest Go Ranger Go Derv and aggro it Go Derv and stay in recall range Go Ranger Maintain MT's range
Trenches Pop gloom and monk trenches Recall Memo and start clover Turtle mesmer trench Go to glitch spot; kill monk trench Seed Turtle (step out to wall)
Lords Pull monk lord out Pull clover and wall if possible; use the MeMo for Recall trick on necro lord Spike clover and ele lord patrol; kill necro lord Spike clover; skip ele lord patrol; solo ele lord Spike clover; go with MT and help pull necro lord Kill monk lord Spike clover and ele lord patrol; kill necro lord Wall clover if MT can't; wall ele lord patrol
Tendrils Get to gloom Take quest, stand on TK for PI, and pull groups in Kill front left tendril; put EoE before the spike Kill quest side tendrils with MT, and Recall out Kill lower back tendrils with a stone and pull groups in Kill front right tendril Help with front right tendril if needed Wall
Cave Trigger cave when team is ready DC on gloom patrol Spike gloom patrol Goltway if trench is not popped Spike gloom patrol Tell the TT when you're ready for the trigger
1st gloom group Grab the stuff outside cave and obstruct it HoS up; make sure everyone jumps up; recall the MLK and pull in spirits for the TT Jump up and go with emo - Trigger front group if needed. Stay in range of MT's recall Jump up and go with emo - Trigger front group if needed. EE up and run to catch earths
Earths spawn Catch incoming waves - dodge earths if the team failed to get them Tank 2nd wave sanities and earths if you can Spike 2nd wave Tank 1st earths group; tank second if needed
Cave Spike Ball all of your aggro Run to rift Pop tengus Spike the last two groups, then cave Run to rift Spike the last two groups, then cave Run to rift
Rift Take quest, Recall trick, quest run Fastpull rift Kill stone if needed Recall MLK, let TT recall you, recall out Kill claw with PI, cap rift Let TK Recall you, move towards start Pre-trigger Deathbringer Cap rift
Deathbringer Take quest Wait for settle, jump in Place EoE in range of Deathbringer and Darknesses FH the Flesh Tormentor Ymlad the Flesh Tormentor Mistrust the Mind Tormentor Focus the Earth Tormentor
Darknesses Accept quest reward Bodyblock earths Replace EoE if needed Spike on spawn and use echo when the first wave dies Jump to MT and wall when Earths spawn