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The City of Torc'qua, commonly known as "city", or abbreviated to just "c", is one of the four sections of DoA. All of the enemies here are Margonites.

Repressive Energy

City's environment effect is called Repressive Energy. This causes you to lose 2 energy whenever you use a skill or an attack. It is advisable to carefully manage your energy and avoid auto-attacking.


City is essentially made up of the area outside, and the area inside the wall. The wall itself has 10 enemies fixed in position on top of it, alternating sus and manks. Until all enemies on and outside the wall are dead, the gate will not open, and the party cannot enter inside.

The area outside Mallyx's Citadel is also part of City, but there are no enemies or points of interest here.

Quest Walkthrough

  • Take the quest from Captain Sulahresh to open the gate into City.
  • Kill all of the enemies outside the wall, including the sus and manks on the wall.
  • Once the last one is dead, the door in the middle of the wall will open.
  • Kill all of the enemies inside the wall, completing the quest.
  • Accept the quest reward from Captain Sulahresh, opening the gate from City into Veil, and spawning Jadoth's army just inside Veil.
  • You can either kill Jadoth and his group (not all foes need to die - just those in Jadoth's group) to spawn the Torc'qua Chest, or bypass them and go straight to Veil.


Captain Sulahresh will run from his initial position once all of outside is complete. He runs near the start of the wall outside of city and stops. Once the first group on the right side of inside is dead, he will run inside to his last position.