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Ravenheart Gloom, commonly known as "gloom", or abbreviated to just "g", is one of the four sections of DoA. Most of the enemies here drop Torment Gemstones.

Shroud of Darkness

Gloom's environment effect is called Shroud of Darkness. This causes a 50% chance to miss with attacks. Since you do not need to hit to pull with a bow, and most SC tactics do not rely on hitting with attacks, this effect has almost no impact on SCs.


The northwest corner of gloom is completely empty, with a clear path (no NPCs or landmarks) leading from the Ravenheart Chest all the way to the entrance of Foundry.

The northeast area contains 7 widely spread (it's easy to move between them without taking aggro) groups of Tormentors and Shadows, each with a nearby groups of Orders of Whispers. These groups are not activated until a player enters spirit range, at which point they start fighting. The landscape throughout this area is mostly bare, with just a few small cliffs and fleshy towers.

The southeast area contains a large number of patrols of Tormentors and Shadows. The landscape is almost completely open.

Gloom entrance

At the start of gloom are several allied NPCs: 2 Orders of Whispers, a Whispers Informant, Voice of Whispers, and Adept of Whispers. A little further in are 5 more Orders. Just beyond these are 4 groups of Tormentors:

  • 2 souls and 1 water
  • 2 minds and 1 sanity
  • 2 spirits and 1 heart
  • water, sanity, and heart

When a party member reaches the 5 Orders, those Tormentors run to the Orders.


The south central area of gloom is bordered by cliffs on the west and south-east, and in the south is a short, narrow canyon known as "cave". The area outside the cave contains 16 individual Tormentors patrolling back and forth from north-west to south-east. Their professions are random, but can be souls, sanitys, spirits, minds, or waters.

Quest Walkthrough

To the Rescue!

The objective of this quest is to protect the Warden of Whispers from being killed. If he dies, the quest fails, making it impossible for the party to continue. Taking the quest from the Voice of Whispers spawns the Warden and 4 Orders of Whispers inside the cave. When a party member arrives there, the 4 Orders step forward, the Warden announces "Thank Kormir you've come. The demons are ready to strike!", and waves of Tormentors begin spawning outside the cave.

The first wave spawns 12 seconds after triggering, and the next 5 waves spawn 12 seconds apart. The last 6 spawn after just 10 seconds. Each set of 4 waves spawns in a pattern from south-east to north-west. The waves contain the following enemies:

  • 3 fleshes
  • 3 minds
  • 3 spirits
  • 3 earths
  • 3 sanitys
  • 3 waters
  • 3 souls
  • earth, heart, flesh
  • 2 spirits, 1 sanity
  • heart, water, soul
  • 2 minds, 1 heart
  • 2 hearts, 2 waters

After 2 seconds, each wave runs to the entrance of the cave, pauses for 2 seconds, and continues into the cave, stopping just in front of the Warden.


  • Arriving in gloom first, the TT takes the quest, runs to trigger the cave, and gathers up the mobs from outside. After placing Recall on one of the Orders, he then catches each of the incoming waves.
  • When the main team get to gloom, the emo jumps up the cliff at the start, and runs to catch the 4th wave (3 earths). The monk and any spikers with shadow steps also jump up, and run spike the earths.
  • Meanwhile, the MT glitches the start groups; spikers without shadow steps or anyone who arrives too late must wait so they can run past and re-join the team.
  • The spikers and monk clear any Tormentors the TT didn't catch, and place EoE in range for the spike.
  • The MT or emo tanks the 8th wave; after it's spiked, the 2 of them and the monk (or IAU in French tactics) leave for Rift.
  • When the TT has the last group, he pulls it around a corner to make a ball. After it's spiked, he Recalls out and accepts the quest reward.
  • In some teams, the spikers pop a Tengu Flare and spike the 11th and 12th waves on spawn, so the TT can start the pull as soon as the 10th wave arrives.

The Rifts Between Us

The objective of the quest is simply to cap the "Chaos Rift", which is in an open area at the north central edge of gloom. 1 person standing in the rift will take 22 seconds to cap it.

Taking the quest from the Warden of Whispers spawns numerous Tormentors in the vicinity of the rift, including a Torment Claw on the rift and another one next to it. Running onto the rift spawns a group of Flesh Tormentors, who run towards the rift.


  • While the rest of the team is spiking cave, the MT, emo, and monk (or in French and IT Tactics, IAU) wait at the rift for the quest to be taken. The MT stands where the mobs nearest the rift will spawn, while the emo and monk stand to the north, clear of aggro.
  • When the dialog from the previous quest finishing appears in team chat, the MT pings Shadow Form, and the TT takes the quest.
  • The MT pulls all the aggro away from the rift, making sure to trigger the fleshes and catch them.
  • Once the rift is clear, the emo and monk step onto it, kill the one Torment Claw that's on the rift, and wait for the quest to complete.
  • Some MTs will wait until the rift is capped to Recall out to the emo; others Recall out early to help cap quicker. Once it is capped, they all run away, towards Deathbringer.
  • While the quest is being done, the spikers run to Deathbringer and the TT runs back to the start of gloom to take the next quest.
  • After spiking cave, the TK casts Recall on the IAU (or in some tactics, VoR), who runs towards the start. The TK then runs towards the TT to let him cast Recall, and then Recalls out. The spikers then run towards Deathbringer. This tactic, known as "Recall trick" is to bring the TT back to the Voice of Whispers faster.

Deathbringer Company

When this quest is taken, a group of Tormentors spawns on a hill in the northwest, with a group of Orders of Whispers nearby. When a party member is close enough, these groups become hostile to each other. The melees in the Tormentor group are a higher level than the normal mobs in gloom, and will be much larger. They are also using a different skillbar. The earths in this group do not have Call to the Torment.

The goal of the quest is simply to kill the group of Tormentors.


When the reward for Deathbringer Company is accepted, The Greater Darkness spawns a little way to the east. When a party member stands near the spot where the Greater Darkness spawned, 2 Darknesses spawn. After all 3 of these are killed, and someone stands near the corpse of The Greater Darkness, 5 more Darknesses spawn. When each of these dies, 5 Earth Tormentors spawn. When all 25 earths are killed, Foundry opens and the Ravenheart Chest spawns.

The mobs killed during Darknesses will teleport around and can even be delayed spawning if you stand on top of their position. If an Earth Tormentor duplicates, the new one will spawn around where the Greater Darkness' corpse is, and will continuously teleport around until aggrod.



Cave can be pre-triggered the same way Deathbringer can be. If someone runs into cave before the quest is taken, and then the quest is taken, cave will be instantly triggered. The dialog that pop ups on screen will only show up if the quest is completed and you are in range of the quest NPC. If no one is in range it won't pop up until someone is close enough.

Fleshes are only triggered when running INTO the rift after the quest is taken. Because of this, it is possible to solo cap rift without ever triggering the fleshes if you stand inside the rift before its taken. The progress bar will also not show up unless you walk into rift. The range to trigger the progress bar is smaller than the range to trigger fleshes.

Earths will spawn 25s~ after the fleshes are spawned. Spirits will spawn after a few conditions are met (25s~ has passed since Earths spawned, the original Earths are dead, someone is standing on rift). Waters will spawn 25s~ after the Spirits spawned.

The Rift patrols are always active, and will always be moving regardless if you are in range or not.