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The Foundry of Failed Creations, commonly known as "foundry", or abbreviated to just "f" or "inf", is one of the four sections of DoA. Many of the enemies here drop Titan Gemstones, while others drop Margonites.

Enduring Torment

Foundry's environment effect is called Enduring Torment. This causes you to lose 10 health every second while moving. Since it's direct health loss rather than damage, it won't trigger Seed of Life, and there's no way to reduce it.


Foundry is made up of 5 chambers, known as "rooms". Each room must be cleared before the gate to the next will open, and the enemies in each of the first 4 rooms won't spawn until the entire party enters the room.

Quest Walkthrough

Take the first quest, "The Foundry of Failed Creations", from Captain Jerazh to open the gate into room 1. Each of the first 4 rooms requires the entire party to be fully inside (well past the entrance gate) to "trigger": triggering a room closes all gates and spawns the first wave of enemies in that room. Killing all waves of enemies in a room opens the gate to the next room, as well as all of those leading back to the previous rooms.

Room 1

1st wave: 1 Vu, 1 Ruk, 1 Rund, 1 Tuk, 1 Su, and 1 Dabi

2nd wave: 2 Rage Titans and 2 Despair Titans - these titans do not spawn more titans when they die

Room 2

1st wave: 2 Torturewebs, 1 Ki, 1 Rund, and 1 Vu

2nd wave: 3 Torturewebs and 2 Dreamies

Room 3

There is only one wave in this room, but it consists of 4 separate patrols that spawn around the room: a group of 4 Rage Titans, a group of 4 Misery Titans, a group of 4 Anguish Titans, and a group of 3 Torturewebs and a Dreamy. Whilst the titans do spawn more titans, only the initial 16 enemies need to be killed to open the next room.

Room 4

1st wave: 4 Torturewebs and 1 Ki

2nd wave: 15 Dementia Titans

3rd wave: 3 Dementia Titans, 3 Despair Titans, and 3 Rage Titans

4th wave: 1 Tortureweb, 1 Dreamy, 1 Ki, 1 Despair Titan, 2 ordinary Fury Titans, and 1 extra large Fury Titan known as "big daddy"


Finishing the last wave in room 4 completes the quest, allowing you to take the reward and the next quest, "Foundry Breakout", from Tekliss, who is at the start of room 5. The quest requires you to talk to 3 snakes around the room: Silzesh, General Yendzarsh, and Captain Valkyss; you can only talk to them if you have the quest. Talking to each snake makes them vulnerable to enemies, adds them to the ally list below the party, makes them follow the party (or whomever is pinging a target), and spawns a group of enemies in the area. Dementia Titans spawn around Silzesh, Dementias and Despairs (these do not spawn into Fury Titans when killed) around General Yendzarsh, and Torturewebs and Dreamies around Captain Valkyss. These enemies do not need to be killed, but sometimes they will spawn such that they body-block the snakes, and may be necessary to kill them anyway. If one of the snakes dies, the quest will fail.

Black Beast

When all 3 snakes are taken and someone walks close to the gate in the south-west corner of the room, the gate will open and a group of titans will spawn: 2 Rages and 2 Miserys. Walking further in will spawn The Black Beast of Arrgh; it will aggro immediately, because it is part of the same group as the titans, so you do not need to go up to it to pull it. Once the 4 titans and the Black Beast are dead, the snakes can leave the ally list and become invulnerable as soon as they leave aggro. The snakes will often still be in aggro of the new titan spawns from killing the Miserys and Rages, so it's a good idea to have the person holding the snakes stand well back.

The Fury

After General Yendzarsh leaves the ally list, you can take the quest reward from him. The Fury's group will spawn to the east: this consists of 6 Guardians of Komalie (3 mesmers and 3 eles), 2 Margonite Anur Kis, and The Fury itself. Killing all of these enemies completes Foundry, and opens the gate into City.

bug notes

  • If Silzesh or Captain Valkyss should die before completing Foundry Breakout, but General Yendzarsh is still alive, and the gate to the Black Beast has already been opened, the run can be recovered, so long as someone in the party did not yet take Foundry Breakout. Once the Black Beast and its group are dead, it is possible to take the quest and accept the reward. For this reason, teams usually assign the MLK to not take Foundry Breakout, although you should take the first quest so that you can quickly grab Foundry Breakout in the event of a snake dying.
    • If Silzesh or Captain Valkyss die after completing the quest, this will not make a difference - the reward can still be taken from General Yendzarsh without anyone having to re-take the quest.
    • However, if General Yendzarsh dies at any point, the run cannot be salvaged.
  • If someone in the party does not load into the instance, the rooms will close and open as normal until the player loads, at which point the gates will not open correctly, so do not enter the 2nd room while waiting for someone to load.

Other notes

The snakes during 5th room will say something in team chat once someone is in aggro range of them. This is an easy indicator to know where other party members are if you aren't in range.