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360 (DoA)
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The first half of the quest Breaching the Stygian Veil is known as "360". This takes place around the Dreadspawn Maw, and consists of killing waves of Stygian foes that spawn on the hills above the Maw.

Except on Veil starts, the Trench Tank and MLK (or Backfire Bitch in 3-3 tactics) duo the first wave of 360 while the rest of the team kills Jadoth. On a Veil start, of course, Jadoth is killed at the end of the run.

After 360, the team splits up to kill the Underlords.

left hill middle hill right hill
Wave 1 hungers hungers hungers
Wave 2 brutes horrors hungers
Wave 3 golems fiends brutes
Wave 4 hungers golems fiends
Wave 5 hungers hungers hungers
Wave 6 mixed mixed mixed

Whereas the first 5 waves have 5 of the same enemy in each group, wave 6 has a larger mixed group on each hill, with each group containing 1 horror, 1 brute, 1 golem, 1 fiend, and 2 hungers.


The name "360" comes from an old tactic where the emo would wall further back, closer to the quest NPCs, and after pulling through, the tank would continue around the Maw, running a full 360° for each wave.