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Emo (DoA)
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The Emo bonder is a role in all common DoASC tactics. It is always done by an E/Mo, hence the name.


The Emo is essentially responsible for keeping the entire team alive with bonds and Infuse. The build also has a lot of sustain, allowing you to tank enemies in veil and gloom. Emo is typically learned before tank, although it is considered more advanced than other roles.


Elementalist/Monk Emo
Spirit Bond Burning Speed Infuse Health Ether Renewal Ebon Escape Balthazar's Spirit Life Bond Protective Bond
Energy Storage: 12+1+3, Protection: 12, Healing: 3



Bond order on tanks

Life before Prot makes you lose less energy, but it also makes the tank take more damage. Since the only place where energy is a problem is City, you should use Prot before Life everywhere else. Be considerate to your tanks! Don't be too considerate, though. Tanks only need Balth in places that have Quickening Zephyr i.e. City and 5th room Foundry. Don't waste time and energy casting it on them anywhere else.

Bond setups and maximizing efficiency

The maximum number of bonds you can maintain is ruled by your energy regeneration. When it hits -10, you've reached max. Thus, your bond limit is 14 under normal circumstances, but can be affected by for example switching to a high energy set. Throughout the run the emo should aspire to gain as much payoff as possible from their bonds. In veil, while preparing for the clover spike for example, you should maintain Prot and Life on the MT and Prot and Balth on yourself and the monk. This leaves 8 bond slots open for the 3 mesmers present, which means you can not only cover them with Balth, but you can also put Life Bond on two of them, which further reduces the risk of their Prot getting stripped. At Darknesses and the first few rooms of Foundry, you can maintain Balth on all the spikers, to cover Prot in case they get stripped. Mesmers will usually appreciate the extra energy, too. While running between areas, it's a good idea to drop some enchantments to reduce the amount of casting you have to do.

Additional tips

  • Make sure you get Life Bond from your monk.
  • Remember to utilize Ebon Escape. Due to its low cost and no aftercast delay, it's not only useful to scale cliff walls!