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The Caller, or VoR is a role in all common DoASC tactics. It is always done by a mesmer with VoR, but otherwise the build can vary, depending on the tactics.


Traditionally, the Caller is an experienced spiker, literally calling the spikes by pinging VoR on a central target for the other spikers to follow. In a more experienced team, the Caller is not expected to guide the other spikers, but because of the high damage potential of VoR, this role is fairly responsible, and some knowledge and ability are required.

In some tactics, but not all, the Caller brings Edge of Extinction.


Mesmer/Ranger or Mesmer/Paragon or Mesmer/Assassin VoR Caller
Air of Superiority Visions of Regret Unnatural Signet Optional Shatter Delusions Mistrust Optional Optional
Domination:12+1+3, Fast Cast:12+3

The core spiking skills of the caller build are VoR, Unnatural, Shatter, and Mistrust.

Optional 1

The first optional is a 4th spiking skill: it can be Overload (Golt Tactics) and (FBGM Tactics), Cry of Pain (French Tactics or DoA 3-3).

Optional 2

The second optional is a Norn shout: either "Finish Him!" (French Tactics) or YMLaD in others.

Optional 3

The third optional is either Edge of Extinction in Golt Tactics and 3-3 Tactics, EE in FBGM Tactics, and Return, Spiritual Pain, or Arcane Mimicry in French Tactics.


When bringing EoE, some points in Fast Casting need to be sacrificed for Beast Mastery. When popping full pcons (Candy Corn, Golden Egg, and Lunar Fortunes), a 12/9/9 split will reach 16 Fast Casting, an important breakpoint to reduce the cooldown of Shatter Delusions to 2 seconds. Without full pcons, reaching this breakpoint would make EoE too weak, so 12/10/8 (10 Beast Mastery) is preferred.


Mesmer Equipment