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I Am Unstoppable Shadow Form Dark Escape Heart of Shadow Death's Charge Shroud of Distress You Move Like a Dwarf Recall
I Am Unstoppable Shadow Form Dark Escape Heart of Shadow Death's Charge Shroud of Distress Shadow of Haste Recall
Air of Superiority Visions of Regret Unnatural Signet Overload Shatter Delusions Mistrust You Move Like a Dwarf Ebon Escape
Arcane Echo Energy Surge Unnatural Signet Arcane Mimicry Pain Inverter Mistrust Finish Him Recall
Arcane Echo Energy Surge Unnatural Signet Spiritual Pain Cry of Pain Mistrust You Move Like a Dwarf Empathy
Arcane Echo Energy Surge Unnatural Signet Wastrel's Demise Shatter Delusions Mistrust You Move Like a Dwarf Backfire
Aura of Stability Seed of Life Shield of Absorption Ebon Escape Pain Inverter Unyielding Aura Blessed Aura Edge of Extinction
Spirit Bond Burning Speed Infuse Health Ether Renewal Ebon Escape Protective Bond Life Bond Balthazar's Spirit

3-3 DoASC Tactics involve:

  • Simpler splits
  • More straightforward bars, with higher damage output
  • Killing 3 Tendrils at a time instead of 6


The team consists of 2 tanks, a Seeder, an Emo, and 4 mesmer spikers: the VoR Caller, the TK, the Empathy, and the Backfire.

EoE on VoR

If the backline are inexperienced, sometimes the VoR will bring EoE, allowing the monk to add Life Bond, for unlimited energy and an additional enchantment on the emo. This requires the spikers to move at a slower pace to wait for EoE, and the VoR should pop lunars to counter the low Fast Casting.

Mesmer/Ranger VoR
Air of Superiority Visions of Regret Unnatural Signet Overload Shatter Delusions Mistrust You Move Like a Dwarf Edge of Extinction
FC:9+3 Dom:12+1+3 BM: 9
Monk/Ritualist UA
Aura of Stability Seed of Life Shield of Absorption Ebon Escape Pain Inverter Unyielding Aura Blessed Aura Life Bond
DF:12+1+3 Prot:12+2


  • Safe tactics with very low risk of failure
  • Several roles are appropriate for absolute beginners
  • Extra spiking skills allow experienced spikers to carry
  • Similarities to 6-0 tactics make it easy for learners to transition


  • Slower than 6-0, making sub cons runs extremely unlikely with new players
  • Additional pressure on the more experienced roles, particularly the Trench Tank

Differences from 6-0

If anyone in your team is experienced with 6-0 but not familiar with 3-3 tactics, make sure they understand the differences. Trying to do your role just like in 6-0 will result in some huge mistakes.

To compensate for inexperienced players with low Lightbringer ranks, the Backfire and Empathy bars have extra damage for spiking and cleanup (Shatter, SPain, CoP, and YMLaD). However, apart from the differences listed here, they do the same jobs as MLK and IAU.


Compared to 6-0 tactics there are no split differences.


Just like the MLK, the Backfire skips Jadoth. However, the Backfire has no EE, so TT easily gets to Veil first and has to take the quest.

TK goes with Backfire to derv hill and pulls the Derv Lord. The Empathy goes to ranger hill.

After derv hill, the Backfire goes with the main team to clover. Without MLK, the TT has to solo pull Monk Lord and glitch trenches.

After clover spike, the MT and Empathy split to the Necro Lord and kill him. MT can use the Empathy as a Recall target to cleanly pull out the lord.

After spiking the group in front of Ele Lord, the VoR, Backfire, and UA go to Monk Lord hill and kill the Lord from the top of the hill. If they arrive before the Lord is pulled, the TT should stay and tank it for them.

After killing Ele Lord and Necro Lord, the rest of the team prepare for tendrils. TK and MT kill the far bottom tendrils - the ones the IAU kills in 6-0. The MT has to Recall the TK in order to take the quest and immediately stand in place to be slashed. The Empathy kills the front left tendril.

After spiking the mobs from the first 3 tendrils, the TK and MT Recall the emo again and go to kill the top 2 tendrils, as in 6-0. The Empathy kills the front left, delaying the death until the TK's 2 are dead. Meanwhile, the VoR and Backfire kill Torment Claws around where the chest will spawn.


The Backfire and Empathy do not have shadow steps, so the MT has to pull the first group up the hill for them to run past.

Since the mesmers are presumed to not be very experienced, they will not take the second last group at cave. In especially weak teams, or if they're recovering from a mess (e.g. aggroing too many extra foes), they won't even take the last group.

Fast rift pull is not done unless the MT, monk, and emo are all proficient.

Unless the Deathbringer spawn is exceptionally tight, and the mesmers are all ready to spike, the MT just waits for the group to settle.

Instead of spiking Darknesses on spawn, the MT pulls the Greater Darkness group against the wall to the north.


In 3rd room, MT pulls the Titans against a wall, to make sure the spike is clean.

Most teams do the 6-2 split in 5th room, but a very weak team (especially with a Backfire that isn't following instructions well) may decide not to. In this situation, it's the TT's job to take Silzesh as well as Captain Valkyss. First put Recall on the emo and run towards the Captain, placing SoH as close as possible before ending Recall. Take Silzesh when the team is ready, hold aggro until it's clear, and then stance out. Do as normal for Captain (SoH and Recall) and wait for the monk to be in position before accepting.


Assassin/Warrior TT Assassin/Warrior MT Mesmer/ Paragon VoR Mesmer/Assassin TK Mesmer/Dervish Empathy Mesmer/Ritualist Backfire Monk/Ranger UA Elementalist/Monk Emo
Equipment Optional: Infiltrator's set for Gloom Cave Low HP armor for Jadoth Bow for ele lord
Entry Everyone should take quest
1st room YMLaD the rund Place EoE, PI a rage
2nd room Any mesmer can pop a ghastly PI tortureweb dryders Bond MT with prot and life
3rd room ball dryders and dream rider ball titans on the rock If you have a ghastly up try to kill it on the 2nd titan spawn Focus dream rider EoE in range of where the titans will be balled; PI a dryder if it's out of the ball
4th room 1st wave pull in range of spikers Wait in the corner PI a dryder if it's out of the ball Bond TT with prot and life
4th room 2nd wave pull in range of spikers EoE
4th room 3rd wave pull in range of spikers
4th room 4th wave pop a stone on the spike
5th room Take quest Rush to aggro centre Take quest Rush right - do NOT take quest
Snakes Take Captain (3rd) Pull groups out of the way Take Silzesh (1st) and General (2nd) Rush ahead, get EEd Ping for Captain Ping for snakes and seed Keep snakes alive
Black Beast wall for Black Beast EoE in range of Black Beast and Fury; seed keep Empathy alive
Fury clear chest spread out and spike Fury wait on chest spawn
Outside 1st Ball 2nd Ball VoR and Unnatural on manks Unnatural and ESurge on manks Backfire and Unnatural on sus PI on each su, let MT HoS through wall
Inside Left ball Right ball spike right side, and then left Place EoE in range of each ball; EE down to Sulahresh to accept quest reward Stand at the bottom, in range of both tanks
Jadoth Use cupcake, run to 360, pull first wave to glitch spot for Backfire Use low health set and ball Jadoth Skip Jadoth, take 360 quest, go to glitch spot, and kill first wave with Wastrel's cast all enchantments on emo
360 Pull left hills; Wall 3rd and 4th waves Pull right hills Unnatural close targets Wastrel's mobs before they come in; Unnatural close targets SoA wall, and only seed on hunger waves. Wall 6th. Stand back and infuse the wall to pull fiends in. Wall melee waves.
Underlords Recall Backfire; pull Derv Recall emo; pull Ranger; Recall Emo again; take quest Go Ranger Go Derv and pull it Go Ranger Go Derv and stay back, use summon if needed Seed when MT takes damage; PI ranger lord Maintain MT's range
Trenches Pop monk and gloom trenches and glitch the pops turtle mesmer trench EoE on hill in range of turtle and clover, EE down to team Turtle (step out to wall)
Lords Pull monk lord out Pull and wall clover; pull necro lord Spike clover; ele lord patrol; kill monk lord Spike clover; skip ele lord patrol; solo ele lord Provide Recall target for MT; kill necro lord Spike clover; ele lord patrol; kill monk lord Seed for clover and ele lord patrol; kill monk lord Heal tank at clover; wall ele lord patrol
First 3 Tendrils Glitch gloom patrol Take quest, stand on TK for PI, and pull groups in Kill lower back tendrils with MT, and Recall out Kill front left tendril EoE and enchant emo Wall
Second 3 Tendrils Go to gloom gate Stand on TK for PI, and pull groups in Kill Torment Claws Kill quest side tendrils with MT, and Recall out Kill front right tendril Kill Torment Claws Enchant emo Wall
Cave Trigger first group; do cave Run down gloom trench and tell the TT when it's okay to trigger cave
1st gloom group HoS up; make sure everyone jumps up; pull enemies onto the hill jump up and go with emo wait for MT to pull EE up and go with emo EE up and run to catch earths
Earths spawn Tank 2nd earths if you can Place EoE in range of cave spike, then run to rift Tank 1st earths group
Rift Take quest, Recall trick, quest run Pull rift Trigger Deathbringer Recall Empathy, let TT Recall you, Recall out Let TK Recall you, move towards start Trigger Deathbringer Kill claw with PI, cap rift Cap rift
Deathbringer DC into the group Mistrust the Mind Tormentor EoE in range of darknesses
Darknesses Pull Darknesses against the wall wait for MT pull and then spike; kill second wave evenly Place a fresh EoE Wall for earths


3-3 is only really used for inexperienced teams, but half the team needs some experience:

  • TT needs to be competent at the whole role, including unusual splits like glitching trenches. He may also need to give some instructions at derv hill.
  • MT needs to be competent at the whole role. The only part that differs from normal tactics is the necro lord split, where he may need to give some instructions to the Empathy. If the emo and monk are both new, they will also require guidance at Rift.
  • VoR needs to be familiar with all splits and guide everyone on voicechat.
  • TK should have done the role at least once before, so they can simply ask questions about stuff they don't remember instead of needing guidance every step of the way. On derv hill the Backfire will be following the TK.
  • Except on a veil start, Backfire needs to be able to find the glitch spot.
  • Empathy does not require any experience at all.
  • UA does not require any experience at all.
  • Emo should be familiar with the build e.g. by playing it in UWSC. Familiarity with DoA is very helpful; otherwise it is necessary to slow down the run to prepare for dangerous points like 5th room Foundry.

If any of this is missing (e.g. MT is learning or TK is new), you can compensate with other experienced players, but it will slow the run down and make it harder to teach.

Tips for before the run starts

  • Ping builds as soon as people start arriving, so they have time to tome any skills they're missing.
  • Make sure everyone has the correct equipment and pcons.
  • Have everyone ping the Lightbringer effect, in case they didn't get it from the Seeker of Whispers in Chantry of Secrets.
  • Give the beginners a quick run-down of how to use their skills.
  • If the Backfire doesn't already know how to find the glitch spot, show them while waiting for other players to arrive.
  • Check that the TT is familiar with the differences from 6-0.

Tips for calling

  • As the VoR, you are responsible for guiding all the beginners on voicechat. If someone else is talking when you need to make a call, feel free to tell them to shut up and interrupt. Warn them of this before the run starts, so you don't sound rude.
  • Any time someone gives out incorrect information, try to clear it up. Remember, your learners are probably impressionable and will not know which info they should trust.
  • Sometimes people will ask intelligent questions that aren't immediately pertinent to the run. If you are busy making other calls, tell them to save their questions for after the run.
  • Learn people's names or make sure they know the name of their role, so you can get their attention instantly when you need it.
  • Unless none of the spikers are new, and you're confident they'll remember when each spike is, call "preps up" and do a countdown for every spike. Even if you do trust the spikers, still do a countdown for 3rd room and Fury.
  • Tell the monk every time seed is needed, and when the emo will appreciate additional enchantments.
  • Keep an eye on the beginners' positioning and quickly tell them if they are running the wrong way.
  • If someone catches aggro and needs to die, remind them not to drag it back to the team. Tell the emo to drop their prot.
  • Keep yourself mentally refreshed on your job and avoid getting tilted. The team is heavily reliant on you, and if a run is already going badly, it'll turn into a disaster if you don't hold it together.
  • When necessary, pause the run to explain what's going to happen next. Just don't do this in the middle of something that can't be paused e.g. clover pull.

Specific reminders:

  • Everyone takes the first Foundry quest; remind the Backfire not to take the next one.
  • Empathy YMLaD the rund during the first spike.
  • If you are doing a 6-2 split in 5th room, remind the Backfire as you leave 4th room, and explain how to ping for Captain. If you are not splitting, remind the TT.
  • Decide this before the run starts, or at least before reaching Foundry, depending on how strong the Backfire and the team as a whole are.
  • Tell the TK which snakes (Silzesh and General or just General) to take.
  • Check that the Empathy knows how to tank Black Beast before going in.
  • Spread out and get in cast range for Fury spike. Advise the spikers to do the same for city spikes.
  • Do not take the Titan Chest until it is clear of aggro.
  • On the way into City, make sure Backfire and Empathy know their jobs on the wall, including Backfire off-damaging the first su.
  • If the emo doesn't have LB on the TT, tell the monk to direct seed on the first spike.
  • Remind the monk to take Jadoth instantly and spam enchantments on the emo.
  • Except on a veil start, Backfire skips Jadoth.
  • Explain to the emo about fuse pulls, and as each wave spawns, say who will be walling it.
  • Backfire and TK go to derv hill. Stay between spirit range and compass range of the TT.
  • Remind the TT that there's no MLK.
  • Send the Empathy with the MT after clover. Unless your MT is explaining what to do, you may need to do so.
  • Backfire and monk follow you to monk lord.
  • Explain to the Empathy how to time killing the front tendril.
  • Unless someone isn't ready, take tendrils instantly when the monk lord dies.
  • Kills claws around the chest while waiting for the second pull.
  • If you don't have confidence in the emo to catch earths (only TK and monk will be there to provide guidance), have the TT delay cave trigger.
  • Watch out for cave spawns.
  • Make sure the rift team knows what to do.
  • Tell the team whether or not you're catching the last cave group.
  • Aim to explain the Recall trick shortly before cave spike, unless the Empathy is capable of following dynamic instructions. Alternatively, run that way yourself and just have him follow you. This depends on how well the Empathy follows instructions and how busy you are explaining other stuff.
  • At the Darknesses, lots of important instructions need to be conveyed in a short space of time. Explain as many as possible in advance.
  • Remind the MT to pull against the wall.
  • The first 2 waves are excellent Mistrust targets, but it's useless on the 3rd.
  • Hide your energy and be prepared to switch to your high set.
  • Once you have aggro of the 2nd wave, stay in their range so they don't follow you and de-ball.
  • This also applies to the emo: do not cast on anyone with aggro until you're standing in range.
  • All 5 of the 2nd wave need to die evenly. Don't use single target damage unless you see a Darkness with a lot more health than the others.
  • Watch out for Diversion. If you don't have a skill available that you don't mind getting disabled, either wait it out or pop a seal/pstone.
  • Kill the earths as quickly as possible, and finish off any babies once the chest is spawned.