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Monk Lord Killer
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The Monk Lord Killer, abbreviated as MLK, is a role in 6-0 DoASC tactics. It is almost always done by a mesmer with Empathy and Backfire, but otherwise the build can vary, depending on the tactics. It's traditional to go /Rt to indicate your role, although the build never includes any rit skills.


As the name suggests, the MLK splits off from the team, together with the Trench Tank, to kill the Monk Lord. The TT and MLK also do the first wave of 360 together, and split in 5th room Foundry to take the Captain. Because of this attachment to the TT, and the fact that MLK is the arguably the easiest spiker, this job is often given to new DoA players.

The MLK's counterpart in 3-3 tactics is the Backfire Bitch.


Mesmer/Ritualist MLK
Arcane Echo Energy Surge Unnatural Signet Wastrel's Demise Optional Optional Empathy Backfire
Domination:12+1+3 FC:12+3


  • Mistrust for big AoE damage, particularly in Foundry, and a cover hex for Monk Lord.
  • Shatter Delusions for spammable AoE damage.
  • Overload as a feeder hex for Shatter Delusions, a cover hex for Monk Lord, and to deal additional AoE damage.
  • YMLaD for general utility, particularly at derv hill, Monk Lord, and Foundry.
  • Ebon Escape for increased mobility.


Mesmer Equipment


DoA Spiking Guide


In Foundry the MLK is responsible for putting Backfire on all Ki’s in addition to spiking normally.

Generally if the team has to split for a lot of off damage (2nd room, 4th room first and last wave) and the Ki is out of the ball, you can Empathy + Backfire the Ki, and he will almost always die. Be sure to swap back to him to see if you need to damage him more.

If Tortureweb Dryder’s are outside of the general ball during a spike, and you have spare energy, use Backfire on it.

If Margonite Vu, Tuk, Rund are outside the ball, use Empathy on them.

You only focus Dream Riders if you have Mistrust or YMLaD. Having Wastrels & a KD/Skill interrupt, is what damages the Dream Riders heavily. If you do not have either of those skills (Mistrust/YMLaD) it is then the IAU’s job to focus Dream Riders.

How to save foundry as MLK

The Quest in the 5th room stipulates that you have to save all three snakes first and then kill the beast. Thereafter, the quest reward can be accepted and the Fury spawns in the middle of the room.

In this collection the following points are of enormous importance:

1. The quest can only be saved if all three snakes were at a time together alive, so you can trigger and kill the beast. If a snake die before all of them are taken then its no longer possible to complete the area.

2. In any other case, is crucial that General Yendzarsh remains alive. Since it is only possible to the accept the quest reward from him. So, should all three snakes threatened at the same time because (e.g .: empathy dies at the beast and the enemy break through) the top priority is to protect the General! If he dies the run is over. While if the other two snakes die it’s still possible to finish the run.

3. If the Backfire after Spike the beast now the quest takes the query skipped the calls the survival of snakes and the quest can still be issued (if necessary, the trench tank the Backfire awaiting the 5th space escort)


The MLK should put Backfire on the first Su on the wall before the first spike in City. Make sure to let the Su cast one or two spells. When the ball is ready just spike it normally, without using echo.

At the wall your job is to kill Su's. Proceed along the wall, and use backfire once on each Su. Use Unnatural signet freely, but especially to finish them off. Use backfire only once on each Su! One backfire should take the Su down to 25%, with PI doing the rest and an unnatural killing him. Note that Su’s do not cast anymore if they will die from Backfire, but they don't consider the LB title damage increase. Do not use any other spell in order to save energy. If the Su’s die before all of the Manks, help finish the Manks off before spiking the next ball. After all the margonites in the wall are dead follow the Caller and spike the balls when they are ready.

At Jadoth, you should skip the spike and head to Veil with the TT to duo the first wave of 360.


If you are skipping Jadoth, head to Veil. If TT is significantly further ahead, they take the quest. Otherwise the MLK takes it.

The TT will run East and grab the incoming mobs as you make your way to the glitch spot. Once in the glitch spot wait for everything to settle, cast echo, wastrels, Esurge, unnat, tab, wastrels, tab etc. You Esurge and Unnat the mobs so that they use “Enraged”(around 70-80%), allowing you to use wastrels with no damage delay. Do this until the team arrives for the rest of 360.

Being able to quickly enter the glitch spot in veil is a vital part of playing MLK, so it is recommended that you practice this before starting:

During the melee-only waves of 360, the MLK should position themselves farther forward and cast Wastrel’s as the mobs run in. A proactive MLK can get off 3 or 4 Wastrel’s before the spike.

After finishing 360, head to the Dervish Lord hill with the TT and the IAU mesmer (6-0) or the Mesmer Necro (3-3). The TT will always use his Recall on you, so you have to make sure you are always in compass range to the tank - while you stay on distance so enemies will actually break after he recalls out. After the other mesmer pulled the Derv-Lord you should instantly use your backfire, empathy, and then finish it off with your other skills.

Once the lord is killed, TT will recall a mesmer and pull the mobs away from the entrance to allow you and the other mesmer to run out of derv lord hill.

After Dervish Lord:

  • in 6-0, run immediately to the glitch spot. TT will pop Monk Lord Trench and the aggro will glitch on you. Wait for both groups to settle, spike. Head to Monk Lord afterwards.
  • in 3-3, follow the Me/N down Clover Trench to the Mesmer Lord.

How to kill Monk Lord

In general you want to kill lord with backfire and empathy, with empathy on top. Monk will use Smite Hex, and when he does just reapply Backfire and Empathy.

At the beginning either bait Smite Hex with a cheap hex (wastrel's). It will cast Smite Hex almost immediately, then you Backfire + Empathy him. Energy Surge and Unnatural Signet on recharge, following with auto attacks and Wastrel's after the lord uses Reversal of Fortune.

How to kill the Tendril

Use wastrel’s demise just after each slash to maximize its damage. (If you run Overload: use it during the slashes to optimize the dmg) Use E-Surge and unnatural on recharge. Finish killing the tendril when the MT is running towards you, then run back to the emo.


You have no special job in Gloom, Follow VoR everywhere and spike his targets. Do not catch aggro running to cave.

Reminder: After Cave spike, head north, do not follow TK or IAU, they split differently.