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SC builds

Casual 5 Mesmer DoA

DoA VoS Tactics

7 Man 6-0 DoA

7 Man 3-3 DoA

5 Man DoA

Kath Manlyway


Getting started with Mesmer in DoA

Getting started with Tank in DoA

City EoE placement (Youtube)

TT trench pops (Youtube)

TT Gloom cave (Youtube)

In-depth guide to monk lord (Youtube)

Guide to salvaging 5'th room of foundry

Picking profession for beginners

Running uMod and Toolbox with GW Launcher (Imgur)



8 man with slowload: 13:47 Youtube GWSCR
8 man without slowload: 15:33 Youtube GWSCR
7 man with slowload: 15:49 Youtube GWSCR
6 man without slowload: 18:58 Youtube GWSCR

Frostmaw's Burrows

1 man: 8 min Youtube GWSCR
2 man: 6 min Youtube GWSCR
3 man: 5 min Youtube GWSCR

Contact and links

You can reach me in game on Nieniel Cruz. If you are interested in my guild or have other questions, please send me a message on discord (Cruz#4273) as I can't always respond to messages in game. You may need to join one of the servers to send a message (see below).

Youtube channel

Twitch channel


Speedclear Alliance discord

IT guild discord

GW speedrun discord

DoA Teaching discord

Vital Balloon