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The Empathy spiker is a role in 3-3 DoASC tactics. It is either done by a mesmer with ESurge, or a necro with SS, but both builds have Empathy, hence the name. The role is also called "Me/D", "N/Me", or "SS" to differentiate between the primary professions.



Mesmer/Dervish Empathy
Arcane Echo Energy Surge Unnatural Signet Optional Optional Mistrust You Move Like a Dwarf Empathy
FC: 12+3, Dom:12+1+3


  • Spiritual Pain for spammable single target.
  • Shatter Delusions for spammable AoE.
  • Overload as a feeder hex for Shatter Delusions.
  • Cry of Pain for wide radius AoE.

Alternative Necro Build

Necromancer/Mesmer SS
Spiteful Spirit Desecrate Enchantments Defile Enchantments You Move Like a Dwarf Necrosis Finish Him Insidious Parasite Empathy
Curses:12+1+3 Domination:10 SR:8+3



Mesmer Equipment


Necromancer Equipment


DoA Spiking Guide

Whilst the TK is responsible for most damage, anything that runs towards the team (especially in Veil) is your responsibility to hit.


After 360, go with the VoR to ranger lord and kill it with Empathy.

Lead with Mistrust on the Tormentor above the mesmer lord trench.

After clover spike, follow the MT and provide a Recall target for pulling the necro lord. Let the lord settle on the MT and then kill him. When he's below half health, cast a fresh Empathy and run away.

At tendrils, you are responsible for the front tendrils - ideally you want each them to die a couple of seconds after the TK's tendrils. For the left side, you don't have much time to spare, so just unload your damage to kill it quickly. For the right side, you have extra time while the TK and MT move to get in position, so don't rush the kill - just bring the tendril to low health and wait for the TK's tendrils to die before you finish yours.


At Gloom entrance, give the MT a Recall target for pulling the mobs out of the way for you.

After the cave spike, let the TK Recall you and run towards the start of Gloom. This video shows the VoR doing the Recall chain, but in modern tactics it's the Empathy's job.


On the very first spike, target the Rund and YMLaD it as you start spiking, so it doesn't run out of the ball. Also use YMLaD to shut down Greater Dream Riders and keep them balled. As with other mesmer roles, use Mistrust a lot throughout Foundry.

Black Beast

Once the team arrives at the Black Beast gate, and is clear of aggro, make sure you're bonded and have plenty of health, and then run in to spawn the Black Beast. It's not necessary to go deeper to aggro the Beast - as soon as it's spawned, it will come out towards you. Right wall block the titans, target the beast, and interrupt its Touch of Aaaaarrrrrrggghhh with YMLaD. Finish off all the titan spawns, and then go to spike the Fury.


On City wall, use Unnatural, SPain, and ESurge. Don't waste energy on your other skills.

After spiking Jadoth's ball, maintain Empathy on Jadoth and don't interrupt him.