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The Backfire spiker is a role in 3-3 DoASC tactics. It is always done by a mesmer with Backfire, and the build is generally the same across all tactics. It's traditional to go /Rt to indicate your role, although the build never includes any rit skills. The equivalent role in 6-0 tactics is the MLK, but there are some key differences between the roles.


The Backfire does not have many independent tasks, mostly following the team around, although the TT and Backfire do the first wave of 360 together. Backfire is one of the roles commonly played by newer DoA players.


Mesmer/Ritualist Backfire
Arcane Echo Energy Surge Unnatural Signet Shatter Delusions Wastrel's Demise Mistrust You Move Like a Dwarf Backfire
Domination:12+1+3 FC:12+3

Put some points in a ritualist attribute so you automatically switch to /Rt when loading the build.


  • Some players bring Ebon Escape instead of Shatter Delusions - neither skill is particularly impactful. Shatter increases spike power when Arcane Echo is unavailable, while EE improves mobility and allows you to heal the TT on derv hill.


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