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The UA monk is a role in casual DoASC tactics. In IT tactics and 7-man, the seeder job is done by a Me/Mo with Healing Seed.


Monk/Ranger UA Seeder
Shield of Absorption Seed of Life Aura of Stability Edge of Extinction Pain Inverter Ebon Escape Blessed Aura Unyielding Aura
Divine Favor:12+1+3 Prot:6 Beast:11


  • Totally new monks may bring Life Bond instead of Edge of Extinction, so they can focus on learning the other aspects of the role. The VoR will bring EoE instead. Move the attribute points from Beast Mastery to Protection Prayers.
    • Maintain Life Bond on the emo and main tank. The emo will give you Balthazar's Spirit for energy.
  • Candy Corn and Golden Egg are required to hit the breakpoint on Blessed Aura that makes your enchantments each last 1 second longer, but if you also use Lunar Fortunes, drop 1 point from Divine Favor and put it into Beast Mastery for a stronger EoE.


Monk Equipment


UA PoV (3-3 tactics)

Throughout the run, your primary job is to keep the team alive by casting Seed of Life at the appropriate moments and dismissing Unyielding Aura whenever someone dies. There are a few exceptions where you should not use UA to res, and someone should use a res scroll instead:

  • you are far out of range and someone else is already there to scroll - common examples include:
    • derv hill
    • cave after you've already split to rift
    • Fury spike
    • City inside spikes
  • multiple people are dead and UA is on recharge
  • the emo is walling the tendril spawns (scrolling means they can remain in place to wall)

Seed is always helpful to heal the team and support Ether Renewal, but there are some specific times in the run you are expected to cast it:

  • whenever the emo is tanking
  • during the ranger hill pull
  • during the clover pull
  • during the tendril pull - immediately after the back tendrils die
  • when the MT jumps into the patrol in the Gloom trench
    • check if the emo has Life Bond on the tank - if not, you'll need to cast seed directly on the tank, as soon as the enemies settle
  • during spikes in Foundry and City
    • for the first City spike, the emo is unlikely to have Life Bond on the tank - if not, you'll need to cast seed directly on the tank, as soon as the enemies settle
  • while the team is running around in Foundry room 5, to save the emo from having to heal everyone
  • while the Black Beast is being pulled
  • during the Jadoth pull

It is also your responsibility to place Edge of Extinction in range of each spike. Put it as far back as you can (so it doesn't get damaged), whilst still making sure all enemies will be in range. For most spikes, EoE can be in the same position each run, but for some (particularly Deathbringer and Foundry room 1), you need to wait for the enemies to spawn and then decide the best position.

inside City EoE placements

You also have the following jobs:

  • Shield of Absorption on the wall for each wave of 360 - cast all 3 enchantments when the emo is walling.
    • Do not cast Seed of Life on the waves with fiends. The emo wants to get low health so the fiends will target them and run into the ball.
  • Wall the 6th wave of 360.
  • Cast Pain Inverter on the ranger Underlord and stack with the mesmers so you all get hit with Incendiary Arrows.
  • Shield of Absorption on the tank walling at clover, and cast all enchantments on the emo.
  • In 3-3 tactics, after the ele lord patrol spike, go with the VoR and Backfire to kill the monk lord. In 6-0 tactics, go with the VoR and IAU to kill the necro lord.
  • In 6-0 tactics, if the MLK is unavailable to kill the front right tendril, stand on the emo and kill it with Pain Inverter and auto attacks. Do not finish it until the TK's tendrils have died.
  • Cast all 3 enchantments on the emo for walling the tendril spikes.
  • Pre-trigger Deathbringer - this means running into spirit range of where the group will spawn, so that when they do spawn, they will immediately fight the Orders of Whispers.
    • If you don't get to leave cave until after wave 8, skip this and run straight to rift.
  • Cap rift with the emo. Wait for the tank to pull the enemies out of the way, run on to the rift, cast Pain Inverter on the right Torment Claw, stand next to it so it can hit you with its melee attacks, and then remain in the rift until it's fully capped.
  • Aura of Stability on spikers in Foundry room 2. Aim to cast on whoever seems most likely to be knocked down; otherwise prioritise the MLK/Backfire.
  • Aura of Stability on the TK after the titan spike in Foundry room 2.
  • Aura of Stability on the MLK/Backfire for the first wave in Foundry room 3.
  • Ping for snakes in Foundry room 5, guiding them so they don't get stuck on enemies or aggro the patrols.
    • To ping, target an enemy, hold down Ctrl and Shift, and press space. While your ping lasts, snakes will follow you. Your ping will last for 30 seconds or until the target dies, so ping again before then, and don't target a spirit (because it's not always obvious when the spirit will expire).
    • Do not stand around near an enemy spirit. If one of the snakes catches up to you, it will stop moving and start casting on an enemy, if there is one in range. Casting on a spirit will aggro the group that placed it.
  • Take the Foundry chest first or second and run straight to City. Make sure the TT has cast Recall on you - your job here is to get the TT to City as fast as possible. Ebon Escape to Captain Sulahresh and take the City of Torc'qua quest.
  • Aura of Stability on the MLK/Backfire for the first su on City wall. For the rest of the wall, alternate between casting Aura of Stability on the MLK/Backfire and the VoR.
  • Pain Inverter on each su on City wall.
  • Accept the City of Torc'qua quest reward from Captain Sulahresh as soon as it's completed, to spawn Lord Jadoth immediately.
    • If you see that the MT was delayed somehow, or they call for you to wait, do not take the quest reward immediately.
  • Cast all 3 enchantments on the emo during the Jadoth pull, so that their Ether Renewal returns more energy.
  • Pain Inverter on Lord Jadoth.
  • Throughout the run, Pain Inverter on single targets outside the main ball.


  • Aim to maintain UA throughout the run, so if the team gets spiked, you can dismiss UA, re-cast it, and dismiss it again, quickly getting 2 people up without having to wait for the recharge.
    • The exception is inside City: after the second outside City spike, you can dismiss UA to regen some energy before re-casting at Jadoth, since you won't be in range to rest anyone before then.
  • UA can sometimes be a leech role, but that doesn't mean you should go to sleep. Your job is to make things easier for the team, and you should always be looking for ways to do that.
  • Cast enchantments on the emo to act as covers and to boost Ether Renewal.