Lightning Forest

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The Forest of the Wailing Lord, generally known as Lightning Forest, is the name of an area in FoW.

The Wailing Lord

The quest is given by Rastigan after accepting the reward for Tower of Courage quest. Taking this quest will spawn 5 banshees and a Wailing lord in lightning forest. The quest consists of killing the 5 banshees which turns the wailing lord into a friendly NPC. Afterwards, the Wailing lord offers A gift of griffons quest.

A Gift of Griffons

This quest is an escort mission. After speaking to the wailing lord 3 Forest Griffons will spawn in forest, the objective is to escort griffons back to Rastigan within the Tower of Courage. Along with the griffons, enemy groups will spawn. A group of 5 skeletals at back way, a skeletal group within the entrance to forest which always consist of 3 berserkers ,a skeletal icehand or ether breaker and 2 Skeletal bonds. In addition, 3 skeletal groups within battlefield will spawn consisting of 5 random skeletals. Within the ToC area 4 shadow groups will spawn consisting of 2 shadow casters, either mesmers or monks, a shadow warrior and 2 pop up shadow beasts.


To the south-west is a road leading from Battlefield, and in the north-east is another route from Battlefield, known as Backway. Most of the enemies in Lightning Forest are Spirit Shepherds, Spirit Woods, and Armored Cave Spiders, with several groups of 3 pop-up Rock Borer Worms. At the bridge in the north-west are several groups of Skeletals. These consist of 4 skeletal impales on either side of the bridge, 4 skeletal berserkers in front of bridge. Behind bridge where the Wailing Lord spawns are 2 groups of 4 berserkers and an icehand. 2 pop-up Shadow Beasts will appear after clearing Wailing Lord side of bridge. None of the foes here are hostile to anything else nearby.