Dervish Equipment

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Dervishes typically take the role of a spiker in speedclears but are also often required to tank mobs, especially in FoW.


Standard Armor

  • 5x Windwalker Insignias
  • 1x Superior Earth Prayers, 1x Minor Mysticism, 1x Minor Scythe Mastery, 1x Superior Vigor, 1x Rune of Clarity/Restoration/Vitae
  • Earth Prayers headpiece

You may want to have an extra piece of armor (not headpiece) with a Superior Mysticism rune to swap to meet the 17 mysticism breakpoint with 11 Mysticism, Grail, Corn and Egg. A Major Mysticism rune should be used instead if Lunars are also used.

Mageway Armor

This armor set is primarily used for running from south of Forge to Khobay in FoW. However, this can also be used for running in Rragar's Menagerie.

  • 5x Forsaken Insignias
  • 1x Superior Vigor, 4x Rune of Vitae


  • Customized Zealous q9 Scythe of Enchanting with a +15% w/ench inscription
  • Customized Vampiric q9 Scythe of Enchanting with a +15% w/ench inscription
  • Flat/Longbow of Enchanting for pulling with a 10% HCT inscription
  • Defensive Staff of Enchanting with a +5wE/10% HCT inscription
  • Martial Weapon of Enchanting with a 10% HCT inscription (must be a Sword or Axe for V3 in T4way)
  • Wand for Mageway in Fissure of Woe
  • Customized Zealous q9 Flatbow of Deathbane (+20% vs undead) with +15% w/ench for Fendi in SoOSC Rangerway
  • Customized Zealous Daggers of Enchanting for use in SoOSC Daggerway


Shields of Devotion with the following inscriptions:

A Shield of Valor with +10 vs Slashing for mageway


Cupcakes and Pies are mandatory. Other pcons are also helpful for additional spiking power and survivability.

Summoning Stones

  • Ghastly stones for damage
  • Legionnaire stone for damage
  • Throwaway stones for breaking aggro


  • Norn is extremely important for IaU
  • Sunspear is important for Whirlwind Attack
  • Ebon Vanguard is extremely important for Honor and Ebon Escape