The Mistyreous Mystery of Misty

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  • How did you get the name "Misty"?

Once upon a time, all my characters were called "Mistress [something]". Someone shortened that to Misty, and the name stuck. It has absolutely nothing to do with the Pokémon character, although I did create an ele in GW2 called Misty From Pokémon, as a joke.

  • How much is this rare item worth?

I have absolutely no idea. The trading system is my least favourite thing about this game, and I avoid Kamadan whenever possible. I don't even keep track of the prices of pcons. If I get a rare drop and I have no use for it, I give it away.

  • What heroes should I use?

These ones.

  • How do I use GWToolbox++?

You look on the website... the answers are there. For some pointers on useful features, check out this page.

  • Can I add you to my friend list?

Of course you can - I can't stop you. MAYBE I even have room to add you back.

  • How can I learn to speed clear?

Join a guild that teaches that area. Learning SCs is like learning languages: it's best to surround yourself with people who are good at it and do it all the time. You can learn DoA without joining a guild on this Discord.

  • Can I join your guild?

I'm an officer in IT, but we're super elitist and not often looking for new members. My alt account is in pupu, a more casual guild. Check out our Discord if you're interested in joining.

  • Which mods are you using with Guild Wars?

Aside from almost every GWToolbox++ feature, I use Has's Minimap (on the rare occasions I turn the compass on) and NoGlitter texmods and a modified version of DroMod Black Green Health.

  • Do you need any ____?

Check out my GWLegacy thread for stuff I currently WTB.

  • I love you and want to buy you a present!

Aww, I love you too... or at least, I would love you if you bought me something nice from the GW store! <3<3<3

  • srsly owl?

fuckin joke, right?

DoA tactics

  • How is Aura of Stability better than Arcane Echo on the monk?

Personally I think EoE is much better than either, and will always bring that if the team permits it. So long as the monk and emo are not braindead, Shield of Absorption and 1 Seed should be more than enough. If you absolutely have to choose between Aura and AEcho though, Aura is simpler to use (you can just cast it whenever you use SoA), it has utility in 2nd room and city wall, it provides another cover enchantment, and it makes the emo almost invincible at 6-0.

  • What's the problem with Four-Leaf Clovers?

Sometimes a dragon seal or powerstone is needed; this is most commonly for the TT getting SF rupted at cave, but can be used by anyone in the team if necessary. Having 10% morale boost prevents you from doing this, but the health and energy from a smaller morale boost (ideally 9%) is still nice to have. This means you want to reach 1% death penalty and then use a pumpkin cookie. Popping clovers interferes with anyone trying to do that.

  • Why have the emo tank hunger waves of 360?

There's a small chance the monk will get spiked by Vampiric Touch and Vampiric Bite. Since hungers very rarely auto-attack, Seed is unlikely to trigger through Life Bond, but if the emo is walling, it will trigger on Wallow's Bite, Touch of Agony, and Dark Aura, giving you an extra chance to survive.

  • Why pull the gloom start group down instead of up?

Assuming everyone has a jump, you can run down with a speed boost, breaking everything but the Spirits. Then the TT can DC down instead of using HoS, and they don't have to use Shadow Form either. This only saves a couple of seconds, but there's no risk and it doesn't cost any time to do.

  • Why is the TK responsible for popping a Dream Rider in 2nd room? Can't any mesmer do it?

It doesn't actually matter which mesmer pops, but unless one specific person is told to do it, it's common for everyone to just wait for someone else to waste an expensive ghastly stone. So why the TK? Usually the IAU will still have Summoning Sickness from 6-0, and either the VoR or MLK should have popped tengus at cave. The TK should be free to pop, unless something went wrong earlier, in which case it's the TK's responsibility to remind the other mesmers at the start of Foundry.

  • Why does the emo wait to trigger 3rd room?

This gives the MT a chance to run into the room and catch the titan patrols quickly, so nobody else gets aggro.

  • How can you recover after a snake dies in 5th room?

So long as all 3 snakes have been taken and General Yendzarsh is still alive, the run is not failed. The MLK (who should not have accepted Foundry Breakout) can go back to Tekliss to accept the quest. If the Black Beast group is dead, the quest will instantly complete, allowing the MLK to run back to the team and accept the reward, spawning the Fury group. If the Black Beast group is still alive, the quest will instantly fail, so DON'T accept it until you see the snakes disappear from the party window.