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The Great Battle Field, generally known as Battlefield, is the name of an area in FoW.


In the north-west is a small area with a flagpole and a tent, called "Camp". Killing the group of 3 Shadow Rangers, 1 Shadow Monk, and 1 pop-up Shadow Beast will spawn allied NPCs next to the tent - this is known as "popping camp". Zurotai the Eternal is a healing monk without any dialogue, but the other 2 NPCs each offer a quest: The Eternal Weaponsmith gives The Eternal Forgemaster quest, which takes place in Forge, and Kromril the Eternal gives the following quest:

Army of Darkness


Apart from the plateau of Menzies' camp in the north-east, most of Battlefield is a flat, wide open area, filled with Skeletal patrols. To the east is a passage leading to Burning Forest, due south is the northern gate of Forge, to the south-west is a path to the Tower of Courage, to the west is a road to Lightning Forest, and to the north-west is another route to Lightning Forest, known as "Backway". The Shadows guarding Forge and those at ToC are hostile to the Skeletals on Battlefield, but the enemies in Burning Forest and Lightning Forest, and even the Shadows on Battlefield itself are allied to the Skeletals.