Slavers' Exile

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Slaver's Exile is a dungeon that is commonly run for a Voltaic Spear and Deldrimor Armor Remnants.

Area Description

Sub-bosses are typically done in normal mode, while Duncan is done in hard mode.

Forgewight's level

Split up team, tank + 2 spikers go get key from Dark Watcher. Be aware, some mobs use Crippling Anguish, let the tank grab 1st aggro so you can pass safely. In the Dark Watcher's room, run to the corner on your right side to lose aggro. Let tank pull an imp and kill it so the Dark Watcher spawns. Be aware not to pull any summits.

Once the split gets the dungeon key, the rest of the team can go towards Forgewight. Be sure to swap Spirit of Disenchantment out of range of the spike.

Justicar Thommis' level

Split the team in 2 for Thommis and Rand. Use "I Am Unstoppable" or Dwarven Stability to get past Modniir mobs safely.

Justicar Thommis

Run around towards the broken wall and stand in the corner. The tank will pull the mob and jump onto the casters in order to create a ball, jump onto the tank and spike.

Rand Stormweaver

Run past Rand into the furthest corner, this should allow aggro to break. At this point the tank can jump onto a clean ball waiting to get spiked.

Selvetarm's level

1 tank splits off to the right to go grab the key, everybody else makes their way towards the gate in front of the boss room. Swap the Spirit of Disenchantment out of range of the spike if there are any.

It's advised to stand as a ball after the 2nd spawn wave since the touchers will run towards you making it an easy spike.

Duncan's level

Run towards the plateau where Duncan awaits you. Once you get there touchers and spirits will start to spawn. Make sure you swap the Spirits of Disenchantment out of range so the tank can sliver/whirl Duncan down.

There's a safe spot to the far right where you can wait for the tank to finish.

Slavers' Mesway (BoO Way)

Mesway is an alternative way to SC Slavers' Exile, it can be even faster than manly way; but requires experienced players.

More detail on Slavers' Mesway can be found here SlaverSC Mesway (BoO Way)

Slavers' Sinway

Sinway is often done with weaker teams; although Manlyway is faster with experienced players, it has a higher chance of wiping.

More detail on Slavers' Sinway can be found here

Slaver's Manlyway

Tank (x2)

Assassin/Paragon Tank
Shadow Form Shroud of Distress Swap I Am Unstoppable Can't Touch This Ebon Battle Standard of Honor Ebon Escape Death's Charge
Shadow Arts: 12+1+3, Command: 12, Critical Strikes:3

Ranger/Assassin Tank
Shadow Form Shroud of Distress Swap Dwarven Stability Whirling Defense Ebon Battle Standard of Honor Optional Death's Charge
Expertise: 12+1+3, Shadow Arts: 12, Marksmanship:3



VoS (x6)

Dervish/Any VoS
Vow of Strength Sand Shards Ebon Escape Staggering Force Eremite's Attack I Am Unstoppable Mirage Cloak Mystic Regeneration
Earth: 12+1+3, Mysticism: 10+1, Scythe: 8+1


Duncan Tank

Assassin/Elementalist Duncan Tank
Shroud of Distress Shadow Form Stoneflesh Aura Ebon Battle Standard of Honor Sliver Armor Swap Death's Charge Heart of Shadow
Shadow: 12+1+3, Earth: 12, Dagger: 3

Ranger/Assassin Duncan Tank
Shadow Form Shroud of Distress Swap Dwarven Stability Whirling Defense Optional Heart of Shadow Death's Charge
Expertise: 12+1+3, Shadow: 12, Wilderness: 3



Duncan Swap Runner

Dervish/Assassin Duncan Swap Runner
Shroud of Distress Shadow Form Dwarven Stability Dash Ebon Escape Swap Death's Charge Heart of Shadow
Mysticism: 12+1+1, Shadow: 12


Duncan Support Runner

Dervish/Paragon Duncan Support Runner
Vow of Silence Dwarven Stability Pious Haste Zealous Renewal Never Surrender Can't Touch This Fall Back Vow of Piety
Mysticism: 11+1+1, Command: 11, Wind: 7