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Enraged Blood of the Aggressor Malaise Meekness Strip Enchantment Vocal Minority Wither Optional
Enraged Cry of Frustration Energy Surge Feedback Mind Wrack Power Leak Spirit Shackles Optional
Enraged Dwayna's Kiss Healer's Boon Healing Seed Healing Touch Healing Whisper Words of Comfort Optional
Enraged Arcane Zeal Grenth's Fingers Imbue Health Mystic Healing Mystic Twister Mystic Vigor Optional
Enraged Go for the Eyes Anthem of Flame Anthem of Guidance Merciless Spear Natural Temper Wild Throw Optional
Enraged Air Attunement Enervating Charge Gale Invoke Lightning Lightning Hammer Lightning Strike Optional
Enraged Debilitating Shot Famine Focused Shot Quickening Zephyr Troll Unguent Whirling Defense Optional
Enraged Fear Me Counter Blow Crushing Blow Flail Lion's Comfort Magehunter's Smash Optional
Enraged Forked Arrow Penetrating Attack Pin Down Prepared Shot Read the Wind Troll Unguent Optional
Enraged Natural Resistance Can't Touch This Go for the Eyes Anthem of Guidance Jadoth's Storm of Judgment Optional Optional
Blessed Light Reversal of Damage Scourge Enchantment Scourge Healing Zealot's Fire Optional Optional Optional
Enraged Can't Touch This Go for the Eyes Anthem of Flame Anthem of Guidance Merciless Spear Natural Temper Optional

Margonite enemies are found throughout the Foundry and City areas of DoA. They all have the chance to drop a Margonite Gemstone.

dangerous abilities

With the except on sus and manks on City wall, Margonites are always in mixed groups, so they have a wide variety of abilities to beware:

  • ranged energy denial attack (Debilitating Shot)
  • PBAoE energy denial, requiring adrenaline ("Fear Me!")
  • energy denial spells (Energy Surge, Mind Wrack, Power Leak, Feedback, Spirit Shackles)
  • Famine and Mind Wrack also deal damage when your energy hits 0
  • ranged stance removal, requiring adrenaline (Wild Throw)
  • melee knockdown, requiring adrenaline (Magehunter Smash, Counter Blow)
  • ranged knockdown spell (Gale)
  • interrupt spells (Cry of Frustration, Power Leak)
  • enchantment removal spells (Feedback, Strip Enchantment)
  • heavy damage
  • strong heals