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Paragons are commonly used in the Deep, Urgoz skipway, and Bogroot Growths. The build invariably contains the same 4 basic skills, with 4 optionals for utility.

Paragon/Any poro
Incoming Fall Back There's Nothing to Fear Ebon Escape Optional Optional Optional Optional
Command: 12+1+3 Leadership: 12+3


  • +1+3 Command headpiece
  • Rune of Superior Leadership
  • Superior Vigor
  • Full Centurion's insignias


  • Crippling Spear of Defense with +5e inscription
  • Insightful Staff of Fortitude with "Hale and Hearty" inscription for occasional energy crises
  • High energy set (+15/-1 on wand and focus) for extremely rare energy emergencies


  • +10 vs Demons shield (Stygian Defender is ideal) for the Deep
  • +10 vs Lightning +30HP shield for Frogroots


Paragons generally do not require pcons, but cupcakes, apples, corn, and eggs are all useful for energy management.


  • Sunspear is required for "There's Nothing to Fear!"
  • Ebon Vanguard for Ebon Escape
  • Norn for IaU in Urgoz and Frogroots, and YMLaD in the Deep


The "Incoming!"/"Fall Back!" build become known as a "poro" because that is Finnish for reindeer.