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The Temple of War, generally known as Forge, is the name of an area in FoW.

The Eternal Forgemaster

This quest, given by the Eternal Weaponsmith, requires you to kill all the enemies inside Forge. Completing it spawns the Eternal Forgemaster, an allied NPC at the centre of Forge. If he dies, the party will fail.

Defend the Temple of War

This quest, known as "Defend", is given by the Eternal Forgemaster, and spawns a series of Shadow Beasts and Abyssals around the base of Forge. If left alone, they will eventually make their way to the top to kill the Forgemaster. Killing all these enemies completes the quest, spawning several allied Eternal NPCs around the base of Forge, including Eternal Lord Taeres, who offers the Tower of Strength quest. After accepting the reward for Defend, the Forgemaster will offer two more quests: Restoring the Temple of War and Khobay the Betrayer.


The centre of Forge is a raised platform with 4 pairs of Shadow Rangers, and Shadow Beast popups. From this platform there are 4 ramps leading down to a lower area that circles the Forge, with a group of 2 Shadow Monks and 2 Mesmers at the bottom of each ramp. 4 groups of Abyssals and Shadow Beasts patrol around the lower area. There is a gate leading out of the north and the south of Forge; each of these opens when the group of 4 Shadow Mesmers outside the gate are killed, or when Defend is taken. As well as the groups of mesmers, each gate is also guarded by a group of 2 Shadow Monks and 2 Mesmers, and a large group of Abyssals and Shadow Warriors. All the Shadows outside the gates are hostile to those inside, as well as the Skeletals to the north, on the Battlefield.