Tower of Strength

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The Tower of Strength, abbreviated as ToS, is the name of an area in FoW, and the main quest in that area.


The quest, given by Eternal Lord Taeres, spawns 5 groups around the Tower itself, each consisting of 2 Shadow Rangers and 1 Abyssal. Once all of these are dead, the Tower Mage will start running from Forge to ToS. If nobody is in compass range of him, he will not start running. He cannot get aggro or take damage from the enemies along the way, but he can be sped up by a speed buff from an ally. The route he takes is known as "mageway".

When the Mage reaches ToS, the gate will open, and the ToS lord spawns inside. Killing him completes the quest.


To the north is a passage leading to the Burning Forest, and to the south is an open area leading towards the Lake of Fire, Cave, and Forge. Everything in between is considered the ToS area. There are several patrols of Abyssals and Shadow Mesmers here, as well as stationary balled groups of Shadow Rangers and Shadow Monks. There are also Infernal Wurm pop-ups around the area. In the southern plateau area are patrols containing mixed Shadow enemies, and Shadow Beast pop-ups. All of the Shadows are hostile to the enemies in the Burning Forest and the Lake of Fire.