Warrior Equipment

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Warriors are only rarely used in speed clears, with the exception of The Deep.


  • General
    • Sentinel's insignias vs elemental, Stalwart insignias vs physical.
    • Superior Vigor
    • Superior Absorption
    • Choose your attribute runes and headpiece based on the break points of your skills.
    • Vitae or Attunement on any empty slots
  • Deep Specific
    • Sentry's insignia for most enemies
    • Stalwart's insignias for Sapping Nightmares
    • Tactics +1+1 headpiece to achieve 13 tactics pre-grail, 6s stances
    • Superior absorbtion, Superior Vigor, minor Strength and 1 Vitae
    • Don't use stonefist because it reduces the team's DPS.


  • General
    • Vampiric Sword of Fortitude with +15%^50 inscription for general use
    • Zealous Sword of Deathbane with a +15% w/ench inscription for SoOSC
    • Long/flatbow for pulling
  • Deep Specific
    • Sword with "I Have The Power!" and Defence Pommel
    • Sword with "Brawn Over Brains" and Defence Pommel


  • +10 vs lightning for tanking outcasts (this can also be used in SoO)
  • "Run For Your Life" and Fortitude Pommel


All pcons are useful for warrior, especially pie and cupcakes. In the Deep, don't use a cupcake until after depletion. Use corn and egg with a swordmanship headpiece when soloing the sappings.


  • Norn is important for IaU and YMLaD in the Deep.
  • Ebon Vanguard for Ebon Escape