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The Seeder, or UA is a role in all common DoASC tactics. It is mostly done by a monk, but in speed runs it's common to bring a Me/Mo with Healing Seed.


The Seeder gets its name from Seed of Life - using this is the Seeder's main job, as well as resurrecting teammates with UA. Seeder is usually considered a leech role, the only requirements being knowledge of when to seed and good enough reflexes to UA people quickly.

In some tactics, but not all, the Seeder brings Edge of Extinction.


Monk/Ranger or Monk/Mesmer UA Seeder
Shield of Absorption Seed of Life Ebon Escape Optional Optional Life Bond Blessed Aura Unyielding Aura
Divine Favor:12+1+3 Prot:6


  • In all tactics except French, the Seeder brings Pain Inverter for additional damage and some specific targets. They include the Torment Claw on Rift, the two Rage Titans in first room foundry, the Sus on the Wall in City, Lord Jadoth and the Ranger Stygian Underlord.
  • In 3-3 and Golt tactics, the Seeder brings Arcane Echo to keep up Seed of Life and get an extra copy of Pain Inverter. Raise protection prayers to 12.
  • In FBGM and French tactics, the Seeder brings EoE, to free up space and attribute points on the Caller. Raise Beast Mastery to 11, or if you are popping lunars, drop a point from Divine Favor and max Beast Mastery. The key breakpoint to hit is 19 Divine Favor, so that Blessed Aura extends your Seed duration to 9 seconds.
  • In French tactics, the Seeder brings Serpent's Quickness, to lower the cooldown on Seed and EoE.
  • Some monks drop Life Bond for Aura of Stability. If your emo is inexperienced and expects Life Bond, it's good manners to warn him before the run starts.


Monk Equipment




  • UA can sometimes be a leech role, but that doesn't mean you should go to sleep. Your job is to make things easier for the team, and you should always be looking for ways to do that.
  • Cast enchantments on the emo to act as covers and to boost Ether Renewal.
  • If you have Life Bond on the MT and Balth on yourself, you can put Life Bond on all the spikers during Black Beast so that they have an extra cover enchantment for spiking The Fury group.