Shards of Orr

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Shards of Orr is a dungeon that is commonly run for a Bone Dragon Staff. Pug groups typically form at Vlox's Falls in American Districts.

Area Description

Shards of Orr cannot be started unless someone in the team has the quest Lost Souls in their quest log. It is viable to start SoOSC from Gadd's Encampment if someone has the quest and a tank runs to the beginning to trigger Crewmember Shandra. This will enable level 1 to be an age 1 but not practical for pug groups or laid back casuals.

Level 1

Team runs to Brigand, tank pulls, team kills, gater runs to the next level.

Level 2

Team kills group spawned in the water while gater moves aggro out of the way, team runs past to grave room and kills stuff, kill Brigand, gater gates.

Level 3

Team runs and kills Brigand, run some more and kill Fendi. A good gater would have gate glitched and arrived at Fendi to pre-pull him, saving time.

Current Meta Tactics

The most common tactic is Rangerway, but casual runs are also done with Warriorway and Daggerway.