Gate Glitching

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Gate glitching is the act of passing closed gates by exploiting the collision mechanic of foes.


An in-depth guide to gate glitching

Known glitchable gates


Dungeon level Note Video
Cathedral of Flames: Level 3 The gate leading to Murakai's room. [1]
Frostmaw's Burrows: Level 1 Gate can be glitched, but the player will be teleported back to the start of the level.
Frostmaw's Burrows: Level 2 The first gate can be glitched. [2]
Frostmaw's Burrows: Level 4 End gate can be glitched. [3]
Darkrime Delves: Level 1 The first gate, using the jotun.
Darkrime Delves: Level 1 The second gate, using the vaettirs.
Shards of Orr: Level 2 The gate leading from the graveyard area can be glitched.
Shards of Orr: Level 3 The gate leading to Fendi's chamber can be glitched. [4]

Elite Areas

  • From Gloom to Foundry in DoA. Note that this is glitching through a thin wall rather than a gate, but functions in the same way.
  • Into the Hall of Judgment in UW.

General PvE


  • The Great Northern Wall: the gate leading from the start directly to the cutscene. Video
  • Ruins of Surmia: the gates leading to the bonus objective.
  • Borlis Pass: the three gates, leading up to the siege of Krok's Hollow. Video


Glitching gates in Factions allows most missions and primary quests on the mainland to be skipped.

  • Vizunah Square: all but the last gate inside this mission
  • Bukdek Byway → Xaquang Skyway
  • Wajjun Bazaar → Xaquang Skyway
  • Shenzun Tunnels → Tahnnakai Temple
  • Pongmei Valley → Boreas Seabed
  • Boreas Seabed: Video
  • Maishang Hills → Gyala Hatchery
  • Unwaking Waters (explorable) → Unwaking Waters (Kurzick)

Eye of the North

  • Assault on the Stronghold: Video