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The Spawning Pools, abbreviated as "pools", is the name of an area in The Underworld.

Terrorweb Queen

When this quest is taken from the Pools Reaper, the Terrorweb Dryder (yellow) spawns in the centre of Pools. Numerous other enemies spawn around her: Obsidian Guardians, white dryders, yellow dryders, and Skeletons of Dhuum. [[Charged Blackness]es will also spawn, but these are pop-ups so they won't appear immediately. Killing the Queen completes the quest.


Pools is entered from the north-west of Planes, where a path leads down a hill to a wider open area. That area is mostly covered in Tar, a visible effect that slows movement speed by 30%. The Reaper's monument is in the south of the Tar-covered area.

Most of the enemies are yellow dryders, as well as Charged Blackness patrols and a few Skeletons of Dhuum.