Terrorweb Dryder (yellow)

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A yellow Terrorweb Dryder, usually known as "yellow dryder", or simply "dryder" (most dryders are yellow, with white dryders being the exception), is an enemy in the Underworld. They can also be found in Tomb of the Primeval Kings and the Realm of Torment with the same build.


Aura of Restoration Fireball Immolate Lava Font Mark of Rodgort Meteor Shower Optional Optional


Hard Mode Stats

Health: [Unknown]

Armor: 83

Level: 30

Range: caster

Drop: Glob of Ectoplasm

Attack Damage Type: [Unknown]


In every group of three, one will be a derp. Can follow basically forever. Spams Lava Font even when there's nothing next to it.


Terrorweb Queen

The Terrorweb Queen is just a yellow dryder but level 32.