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Information about the Alliance

The NNG-Alliance is an international Speedclear Ally. Any form of dungeons sc's and elite area sc's are formed.

We attach great importance to polite dealings with one another. This is a toxic free ally. We are here to enjoy the game.

We play the game in our free time and are not full-time employees of Guild Wars... like others.

The Alliance has an own Discord Server


• Never Not Grinding [NNG]

• Band of Mental Brothers [BoMB]

• Band of Miscreants [misc]

• Dhuum Glitch [beeS]

• Making High Quality Cookies [亡囗囗大]

• Resetting the Griff Ratio [尸巳七凡]

• Terra Noise [Zraw]

• The Cross Asassination [crAs]

• The Unreleased Force [TUF]

• Worst Generation [One]

Discord-Server & Youtube

Discord: https://discord.gg/YVWDV5Yb7Q
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC381T9-W9evo4EIPg5Pib4Q