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The Ice Wastes, abbreviated as "wastes", is the name of an area in The Underworld.

Servants of Grenth

When this quest is taken from the wastes Reaper, King Frozenwind spawns on the hill to the east. Every 10s an allied Ice Elemental will spawn with him until there are 4 of them. They will not spawn if the King is in aggro, however. If the King dies, the party will be defeated. Curiously, the death of the King gives the party a 2% morale boost just before wiping.

Meanwhile, waves of Skeletons of Dhuum, yellow dryders, and white dryders will spawn in the central area between the King and the Reaper. If they don't aggro anyone, some of the dryders will run straight to the King, while others will run to the Reaper. The skeles will all run to the Reaper.

The quest finishes when all the dryders and skeles are killed and the King is not in aggro, although it will not complete until someone is in compass range of the King. Once the quest finishes, the King and any remaining Ice Elementals will slowly walk towards the Hall of Judgement and wait outside the door.


The area is entered from the east of lab, with a winding passage leading to a wider open area. This main central area is in 2 sections: the eastern area where you enter, and the western area where the quest takes place. Northwest of the quest area is a path leading uphill to the Hall of Judgment.

Most of the enemies are patrols of Coldfire Nights and groups of Smite Crawlers, which move around but do not patrol. There are also some Dying Nightmare pop-ups, and several patrolling skeles: 1 in the passage from lab, 1 near the area King Frozenwind spawns, 1 in the central quest area, 1 on the path to the Hall of Judgment, and 1 far off to the east.