Urgoz Lemonway

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Assassin/Elementalist Tank
Shroud of Distress Shadow Form Stoneflesh Aura Armor of Earth I Am Unstoppable Heart of Shadow Death's Charge Recall
Shadow: 12+1+3, Earth Magic: 12
  • Ball mobs for the team to spike. When dealing with Wolves make sure you have a staff equipped they will pull further and target you. Stoneflesh is just for wolves to help take less damage or if you lose bonds so you can live a little longer.
  • Use Corn, Eggs,Lunars, Apples, Cupcakes, Pie, War supplies. At MINIMUM you need a cupcake, the rest just make it a little easier

VoS Spiker (1x)

Dervish/Assassin VoS Spiker
Sand Shards Vow of Strength Staggering Force Eremite's Attack Death's Charge Mirage Cloak I Am Unstoppable Ebon Escape
  • Be the first in, Spike Hard and Fast, You should be top damage. If not you're doing it wrong. Make sure you pull the other lever in the lever room and EE down. In Drinker room don't kill wolves or take aggro of them. Be intelligent.

Deep Freeze

Mesmer/Elementalist Deep Freeze
Energy Surge Auspicious Incantation Deep Freeze Mistrust Unnatural Signet Cry of Pain Air of Superiority Ebon Escape
Domination:12+1+3,Fast Casting:12+2,Inspiration:3
  • Be the first in with the VoS and Panic. Deepfreeze the melee so they don't break to the team to help spike cleanly.


Mesmer/Paragon Panic
Panic Aneurysm Overload Unnatural Signet Shatter Delusions Air of Superiority I Am Unstoppable Ebon Escape
Domination:12+1+3,Fast Casting:12+2
  • Be the first in with the DeepFreeze and the VoS make sure to get panic off on a caster to rupt everything and protect the team from wiping. Spam Aneurysm on Serps, Barks and especially on Urgoz so Esurge does more damage.

Esurge (5x)

Mesmer Esurge
Arcane Echo Energy Surge Mistrust Unnatural Signet Chaos Storm You Move Like a Dwarf Air of Superiority Ebon Escape
Domination:12+1+3, Fast Casting:12+2
  • Spike when the tank pings, Use arcane Echo prior to spike. Don't be that dick that uses Chaos Storm on the ball for the fun of it and fuck it all up.


Ritualist/Ranger EoE
Signet of Spirits Bloodsong Vampirism Splinter Weapon Edge of Extinction Flesh of My Flesh Summon Spirits Ebon Escape
  • Make sure to apply Splinter to the derv before every spike, Bring EoE into range of EVERY mob to make sure it all dies beautifully.


Monk/Mesmer Bonder
Unyielding Aura Seed of Life Shield of Absorption Life Bond Balthazar's Spirit Extinguish I Am Unstoppable Ebon Escape
Protection:12+1+3,Divine Favor:12+1,Inspiration:3
  • Put Life Bond on the tank and derv, Balthazars on yourself and the tank. SoA the derv before spikes to help them live a little longer if the spike is not 100% clean, Extinguish to help with cripple/conditions, Seed only when needed. Rez when someone dies, Please look for them rather than run off.


Monk/Elementalist Seeder
Glyph of Renewal Seed of Life Shield of Absorption Life Bond Balthazar's Spirit Blessed Aura I Am Unstoppable Ebon Escape
Divine Favor:12+1+3,Protection Prayers:12
  • Maintain Life Bond on the derv and tank to help with energy management, Balth and Blessed on yourself. Seed the bonder to upkeep the teams health. SoA the derv as and when needed.